January 28, – This paves the way for formal verification of both architectural and behavioural models, using model checking, as we have shown, by transforming the models into timed automata and performing verification using UPPAAL, a model checking tool based on timed automata. January 20, Status and planning report submission date: TBD Next presentation dates are: January 15, –

To begin with, we have proposed a systematic design process to support component-based development. However, the complexity of RTES has been ever increasing requiring systematic development methods. October 15, Opening event: Additionally the report must be submitted by the deadline latest. The usability aspect is especially important for Linux systems since kernel updates occur much more frequently compared to any other operating system. This is achieved by defining an intuitive formal semantics for real-time component models, using ProCom, a component model developed at our research centre, and also using the CCSL Clock Constraint specification language , an expressive language for specification of timed causality behaviour. September , Re-examination period 1:

However, IWSNs are frequently deployed in harsh industrial environments with electromagnetic disturbances, moving objects and non-line-of-sight NLOS communication.

Independent subsystems only share general resources such as the CPU and memory. A piece of software, that we define as a software system, can consist of anything from a few lines of program code or the entire software stack in a vehicle.

idt mdh thesis

May 27, – Hence, this work elaborates on how to adapt and extend the operating-system task-scheduler to support hierarchical scheduling. February 10, – The non-functional isolation of subsystems, that appears when the software system is hierarchically divided, has great advantages when it comes to preventing fault propagation between subsystems.


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September 4, – Links to available thesis suggestions For now, you can find thesis suggestions at the following urls http: Tehsis 10 and June 11, Spring Period 1 End date: Next, we have provided a real-time semantic basis, in order to support expressiveness and verification for structural and behavioural models. However, there remains several challenges to be addressed, such as, expressiveness, to represent the real-time and causality behaviour, and analyzability, to support verification of functional and timing behaviour during mdg of system development.

This thesis has two main parts related mdhh hierarchical scheduling: January 12, – Traditional routing protocols in IWSNs are either hardly able to fulfill both of these requirements or overcomplicated. January 22, – TBD Opponentship sign-up date: Important dates For the next instances of the course Spring For the next instances of the course, the following important dates apply: From a hierarchy point of view, the high reliability and low latency can be achieved from different network layers.

Because of the vulnerability of the wireless signal, IWSNs are under high risk of transmission failures, which may result in missing or tesis of process or control data.

For industrial automation, missing the theesis or control deadline is intolerable, which may terminate industrial application and thrsis result in economic loss and safety problems. September 11, – February 09, – April 19, – Guaranteeing correctness implies a potential loss of performance due to the added overhead that the verified software can bring. April 1, Status and planning report submission date: Scheduler synthesis is related to implementation and design strategies when adding support for hierarchical scheduling in an operating system.


October 15, Opening event: TBD Opponentship report submission date: As the main research contribution, this thesis presents design and verification techniques for model-based development of RTES, addressing expressiveness and analyzability for architectural and behavioural models.

Jagadish Suryadevara at IDT will defend his doctoral thesis – Mälardalen University Sweden

TBD Next presentation dates are: The two most interesting operating systems that we worked on was Linux and seL4. This paves the way for formal verification of both architectural and behavioural models, using model checking, as we have shown, by transforming the models into timed automata and performing verification rhesis UPPAAL, a model checking tool based on timed automata.

idt mdh thesis

JuneRe-examination period 2: The hierarchical division, that we refer to as hierarchical scheduling, has other advantages as well.

An alternative method is to use Forward Error Correction FEC mechanism to provide more reliable mdj and re- duce the number of acknowledgement messages by recovering erroneous data.

June 10 and June 11, To be authorized to present your work, you must have submitted the final version of your thesis report according to the procedure described in the Study Guide under ‘Submitting the report for examination’.