If you’ve found the resources on this site useful please consider making a secure donation via PayPal to support the development of the site. Beach erosion caused by substantial storm surge. This is because it lies below sea level and is protected by levees. Additionally, some insurance companies have stopped insuring homeowners in the area because of the high costs from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, or have raised homeowners’ insurance premiums to cover their risk. Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy, a tropical storm occurring in October , started life off the coast of West Africa.

The damage from Katrina forced the closure of 16 National Wildlife Refuges. New Orleans is also sinking! Careful consideration needs to be given to the use of land particularly in low-lying areas. It struck land on 29th August- Louisiana hit first. In contrast to this, the USA, a richer country, invested more in tropical storm prediction, planning and protection. A simulation exercise one year before the storm revealed this, but was not acted upon.

Cotton and sugar-cane crops were flattened.

In the actual storm, it was the Industrial canal and 17 th Street canal which failed and had the most impact. Storm surges from the sea caused flooding several kilometres inland in some places.

Buildings, cars, people’s possessions and business stock were lost. Hurricane Sandy aid workers unload supplies. The hurricane caused storm surges over emdc metres in height.

hurricane katrina case study medc

The broken levees and consequent flooding were largely responsible for most of the deaths in New Orleans. The site is self-funded and your support is really appreciated.


Roads, train lines and other transport infrastructure became unusable due jedc flooding, resulting in disruptions to travel and trade.

hurricane katrina case study medc

The New York City marathon was cancelled resulting in a loss of income for many businesses. Massive tree loss along the Gulf Coast, especially in Louisiana’s Pearl River Basin and among bottomland hardwood forests.

Hurricane Katrina Case Study – Mindmap in GCSE Geography

This site uses cookies. Evacuation is made possible but many hurircane were left behind and many refused to move. Weather Map Fig 3. Illustration showing different wave heights on a shoreline. It struck land on 29th August- Louisiana hit first.

Hurricane Katrina

Power failure at New York University Langone Medical Centre led to the evacuation of all patients hurrixane other hospitals. Take a look at our new resources in the shop Dismiss. Typhoon Haiyan Case Study. At least people were killed either directly or indirectly by Hurricane Sandy. Many people have moved to live in other parts of the USA and many may never return to their original homes. People were highly stressed and anxious.

Overpeople have left the New Orleans area. The poorest and most vulnerable were left behind. Impact on humans 1, deaths in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida.

hurricane katrina case study medc

A simulation exercise one year before the storm revealed this, but was not acted upon. In areas such as New York and New Jersey, untreated sewage was washed into public drinking water, threatening human health. After crossing southern Florida – where it left somehomes without power – it strengthened further before veering inland towards Louisianaeventually making landfall at Grand Isle, approximately 90km south of New Orleansat 10am local time on 29 August.


This tropical storm set the country back further in terms of its development. Race and class were also stipulated as issues, with Kanye West claiming that there was a racial reason for the slow response, given that most of the stranded people were African American. Makeshift shanty towns in Haiti were washed away. Hurricane Katrina Case Study. Thousands of jobs lost and millions of dollars in lost tax incomes.

Hurricane Katrina Case Study

This response was welcomed by local Louisiana authorities as their staff were either becoming fatigued, stretched too thin, or even quitting from the job. Many people were totally traumatised.

Most of the transportation and communication networks servicing New Orleans were damaged or disabled by the flooding, and tens of thousands katrinq people who had not evacuated the city prior to landfall became stranded with little access to food, shelter or basic necessities.