Furthermore, think of the unique opportunities you will have as an Honors College student rather than what you will need to give up. You will most likely find it to be the most exciting, fulfilling and rewarding experience of your undergraduate career. In addition, the following situations may warrant a student dismissal from the Honors College: Your advisor can give you an idea of how these are laid out in your department. Typically, these 6 credits are distributed evenly between the first and second semesters, i. Students studying abroad for their entire junior year. Explain why your project is important.

The seminar, which fulfills the university’s first-year writing requirement, encourages students to develop their reasoning and sharpen their focus through their writing. Students must complete an hour-long oral defense before their 3-person thesis committee. Longer proposals tend to include unnecessary information that may confuse the Committee, resulting in a request for resubmission or clarification rather than outright acceptance by the Committee. Here, the reference librarian will be your best friend in searching the literature on your topic. Needless to say, any faculty member in your department might also provide suggestions on securing a thesis advisor. Download PDF of this page.

Selecting a topic is one of the most important steps in the thesis writing process.

First-year and sophomore students whose cumulative GPA falls below 3. As you take courses and meet with faculty in your department, you will most likely strike up conversations with teachers whose work you find especially xollege. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

The Honors College welcomed its first class of students 93 students in Fall It is very important that students considering this possibility consult with the CALS Honors College Program Director as early as possible in order to ensure the completion of all required curriculum. In addition, flourishing careers and successful graduate education are less structured than undergraduate curricula: Please note that this is an “accounting issue” only; students are expected to do an equal amount of work both semesters regardless of how the credit is distributed.


College Honors FAQ

What sets the Honors College apart are the academic accomplishments of its students, all of whom have and continue to experience high levels of academic achievement. The presentation should be about thirty minutes long, and must be attended by the Honors Thesis Committee and announced publicly at least one week prior to the presentation date.

All above forms, applications and schedules available on “Apply” page. Mahoney, who is now going to be my thesis advisor.

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Here, the reference librarian will be your best friend in searching the literature on your topic. Once the schedule is written up, stick to it! Additional thesis presentation requirements As explained above, thesis approval and defense requirements vary by major and department.

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In some cases, students wish to work closely with a professor from another college for example, Biology majors often wish to do research thesiss a faculty member in the Medical College and have that faculty member join their thesis committee. Consult with faculty thesis supervisor who agrees to supervise project.

Students who fail to bring their GPA above a 3. The honors thesis is the single biggest hurdle to graduating as a Honors College Scholar. Thesis due date A completed thesis is due no later than the last officially scheduled day of spring classes in the student’s senior year, with theais electronic copy submitted to BSAD Student Services.

honors college thesis proposal uvm

Many spring seminars are on the theme of diversity, allowing students to progress toward completing the university’s diversity requirements. Enrollment in seminars for first-year and sophomore students is limited to Honors College students. Thesis scheduling, progress reports, and other required meetings also vary by department and major.


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Tuesis, the courses quite often count towards your degree requirements, that is, they substitute for courses you would have had to take and are not on top of your other requirements. The Honors Committee will not read past page 8.

honors college thesis proposal uvm

Students write a proposal and draft the first three chapters of their thesis during NH Explain what other scholars or artists have accomplished in this area uonors date. Give a short summary no more than words of your project and its significance. A number of the HCOL seminars fill Diversity 1 and Diversity 2 requirements, and a number of sophomore seminars fulfill diversity requirements or sustainiability requirements.

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Propozal in the natural sciences tend to be shorter than those in the humanities, propoeal is expected based on the nature of each discipline. Peer Mentors are upper class Honors students who want to help ease the transition from high school to college A Peer Mentor is a good resource, a willing ear, and new friend who can help you in a variety of ways.

Thesis Defense requirements See above: The junior year course requirement for the Honors College coursework in the fall OR spring semester of the junior year is designed specifically to not discourage or impede Honors College hoonrs from being able to study abroad.

The Honors College is housed in a residential complex at University Heights. Any hardware, devise, or non-expendable supplies are the property of you home department.