Influenced by his architectural background, his photography pays special attention to order and rhythm in landscapes and cityscapes. The majority 85 percent of the respondents were travelling for non-business purposes, such as a vacation or visiting friends or relatives. City is expanding rapidly while more and more villages are shrinking. Exploring different possibilities of spatial expression is like an adventure that is always inspiring and brings them great joy. Overviewing Kamigo Clove Theater, a major performance venue for Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, the house is a new community hub for Kamigo neighborhood and a major platform for Hong Kong artists to showcase their works during the Art Festivals. Though it does raise the question of transport between airports and their surrounding regions — which is less of an issue with Hong Kong given the small size of the territory.

Fanny Ang is one of the few architects working in conservation in Hong Kong. Architects create three-dimensional buildings out of two-dimensional drawings; whereas photographers reverse the process by capturing buildings as two-dimensional pictures. Spare Square would be where we enjoyed spending our spare time at, if once it was not spared and forgotten in our urban evolution. In order to understand the motivation for mode choice — and to explore the attribute of directness of service — MTR managers undertook some market research. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

With the hanging fabric in the ceiling and the free-form furniture around the stage, together with the natural or artificial lighting of the space, we invite you, hika visitors, to enjoy the exhibition in a space with an interesting juxtaposition of artificial and natural setting. This vertebral of highrise serves not alone as khia safety provision, but connector to communal spaces as sky gardens and podium. High-rises are the totem of Hong Kong.

hkia case study 2014

An experienced and renowned architect of Hong Kong, he is well blended amongst members of a wide spectrum, both senior and young. To meet the increasing demand, Green Monday has developed a Go Green Corporate program which aims to reach out to the corporate community — to challenge and engage employers and employees to get involved.


Tony Ip is a community-centric, sustainable design architect and urban designer. As a team sincethey have collaborated and worked on numerous local and overseas competitions and exhibitions in Taiwan, Austria, Italy, Spain, US etc.

Angus, Kuen and Javian are passionate about architecture in a wider and more comprehensive context, and believe that any intervention, regardless the size, are opportunities for public engagement. The majority 85 percent of the respondents were travelling for non-business purposes, such as a vacation or visiting friends or relatives.

Non-business air passengers are more sensitive to travel cost than business air passengers, and this resulted in a greater proportion 49 percent travelling by franchised buses. Exploring different possibilities of spatial expression is like an adventure that is always inspiring and brings them great joy.

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The primary reason attracting air passengers to use the franchised buses is the lower travel cost. Totem in North America is a way to record the stories of tribes. Express buses Dedicated limited-stop bus routes operate from Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories to the airport, with special areas for bulky luggage being provided.

He joined several international design firms after he returned to Hong Kong. Memory is like a bird. Hong Kong is famous for its density and the particular brand of verticality. Corporate social responsibility solutions. The remaining 15 percent were business travellers. We provide professional and technical advice to the Government and quasi-government organizations and to oversee subvented and entrusted projects.

A quarter of the respondents were air passengers taking long haul flights i.

They also quote a conclusion reached by one of the original architects of the Hong Kong Airport Express: The formative experience of living and working internationally continue to inspire a curiosity for developing ideas which aspire towards the future while remaining respectful and critical at the same time of local culture and context. Airport Express performance in 9.

In this revitalization project, we intended to build a pottery kiln in Lai Chi Wo and; to educate the villagers to make use of the kiln to produce ceramic tiles with the local materials for repairing the traditional Hakka houses.


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Instead they become too enamoured with expanding Heathrow and forget there is a world outside of London and the M25 orbital motorway. As the representative office of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in Japan, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Tokyo strives to promote closer economic and trade ties, understanding and cooperation, as well as cultural and tourism exchange between Hong Kong and Japan.

Green Mondate is a serious and creative public vegetarian dish cooking competition which encourages the public to cook vegetarian dishes by building a bridge between the public and celebrities through a simple green dish.

hkia case study 2014

This exhibit attempts to showcase different urban green spaces, including habourfront, pocketed green spaces, urban and country parks; street, podium, sky and roof gardens, to social integration, health and well-being of children stud the height of more than 65cm and senior citizens at the age of more than 65 in high-density high-rise contexts.

With different spatial configuration, each module tells different aspects of life.

hkia case study 2014

Jane LUK Jane is a registered architect and a building sustainability expert from Hong Kong who has more than 8 years of international practical experience in Tokyo, London and Hong Kong.

Scissor staircases, first introduced in s, are arguably our most internationally known architectural innovation, in response to the intense habitable space, by Hong Kong architects.

Transport market share to Hong Kong International Airport

Through this exhibit we want to archive the current scenes of our city and document the mix of flavors we have. In macro scale, Hong Kong is a prototype of a contemporary city with efficient engineering, architecture and rationalism.

Of the total samples, 50 percent were male and 50 percent were female.