Student will be able to judge different pharmaceutical incompatibilities and instability and revise formulation or justify the procedure accordingly. Evaluate the interlinked mechanism of control centre hypothalamus-pituitary glands and nervous system in the maintenance of normal level of hormones released from respective endocrine glands and functioning of body Homeostasis in human beings. Student will be able to summarize concept of SOP Student will be able to apply the methods for the development of SOP Student will be able to make use of components of SOP to validate equipments Student will be able to Integrate and apply knowledge and skills associated with GMP to plan and execute a substantial research project Student will be able to analyse the suitable methods to be applied for the rationale use of regulatory guidelines Clinical Pharmacy BOPP C On completion of the course student will be able to: Students will be able to acquire, retain, recall and apply specialized language and knowledge relevant to microbiology. Identify the identification of organic compounds.

Learn, select, and apply appropriate methods and procedures, resources, and modern pharmacy-related computing tools with an understanding of the limitations Leadership skills: Apply the methods for the preparation of buffers and measurement of pH. Understanding Explain the body fluids and blood. Role of Pharmacists in Ensuring Patient Safety: Appreciate correlation of pharmacology with other bio medical sciences. To be an outstanding institution in the country imparting technical education, providing need based, value based and career based programmes and producing self-reliant, self-sufficient technocrats, capable of meeting new challenges.

To obtain knowledge about classification and nomenclature of medicinal plants, as well as several active substances, their chemical and biological properties.

II Apply the pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic characteristics of different drugs in body. Utilize the principles of scientific enquiry, thssis analytically, clearly and critically, while solving problems and making decisions during daily practice.


Match quality control parameters viz, identity and purity with help of microscopic techniques. Find, pharrm, evaluate and apply information systematically and shall make defensible decisions. Apply the basic pharmacological knowledge in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Well maintained Library is the ocean of knowledge whether in core subjects or extra curricular activities like sports, news, languages, encyclopaedia and India constitution.

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I foresee this college rank among the top Pharmacy institute in India very soon. Illustrate Aseptic area in all aspects and explain microbial assays, pharmacopoeial standards of sterilization process thesos standardization of pharmaceuticals. Perform immobilization technique for drug, enzyme or cell. Course Outcome To acquire knowledge about the concept of sterilization, preparation of media, culturing of microorganisms and microbioassay. Hepper seeds extract in scopolamine induced amnesic rats Verma R.

Students understand the general concept of experimental pharmacology and the drug receptor interaction with the help of various experimental models on animals.

Its involvement is deep and plays an important role in all events from discovery of new drug molecule to its evaluation, development, approval for human consumption, manufacture and every other important aspect. Examine the effect of drugs on animals by computer simulation CDs or videos and softwares. Evaluate antimicrobial agents and disinfectants and sterility testing of pharmaceutical products.

Here, you’ll be a part of enduring university traditions and have gbt experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Vrish Dhwaj Ashwlaya Dr. Here i learn to convert my weakness into stength. Understanding Describe the structure, functions and pathophysiology of the digestive system and the concept of pbarm required for digestion.


gbtu m pharm thesis format

Outline construction type working of fermentor and recovery of formar from it. Outline the significance and principle involved in the determination of analytical constants.


Select appropriate physical and chemical principles associated with quality control of designed dosage forms. Develop structure activity relationship of various medicinal agents.

gbtu m pharm thesis format

Prem Prakash Khosla To study the effect of sprouted fenugreek seeds as nutraceutical as an add-on therapy in patients of diabetes mellitus, obesity and metabolic syndrome. Anjana Sharma was awarded Ph. In a nutshell, it feels proud to be a part of such an institution and I’m thankful to MIET for making me strong enough for gbbtu careers ahead.

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A Review Kumar A. Explain genetic and recombinant DNA technology and microbial transformation pbarm industrial biotechnology for the production of insulin, somatotropin, steroids.

They should be able to select suitable experimental models on animals for various pharmacological activities and their statistical analysis and to write and compile the dormat thesis report.

Current scenario and future stratigies. An environment which is specially created to provide all the state-of-art facilities for optimum comfort like home.

gbtu m pharm thesis format

Identify the drugs of natural origin by chemical tests, organoleptic, morphological, miscroscopical, characters. Nootropic effect of Vigna mungo l. MIET has been an exceptional place till date.