Table 8 Conditioned Space and Roof Areas. The starting point for all of the estimates was the water use given in the data temples. The requested materials included, for each building type small hotel and medium office , location, and standard or sustainable building rating level, specification of: Buildings built under the guidance of the LEED rating system Silver, Gold and Platinum Certification levels and the Green Globes rating system One, Two, Three and Four Globes certification levels are economically efficient depending on building type and location, and are highly sensitive to the incremental initial construction cost. In addition, the increased focus on capital investment for sustainment and renewal of existing facilities could best be accomplished across the portfolio of potential opportunities, within the context of mission effectiveness for installations, rather than on single projects. The resulting lower overall energy usage for those building, therefore, provided greater energy savings compared to the baseline prototype buildings.

Three buildings in this sample had construction costs that were lower than the baseline prototype building and therefore provided the value of energy and water cost savings with no incremental cost increase. To ensure comparability across the standards and rating systems, this study used the characteristics of the prototype buildings i. To provide minimum requirements for the siting, design, construction and plan for operation of high-performance green buildings to: No data was provided for expected solid waste municipal or. In cases where the Net Savings is negative, it is not possible to compute return on investment, and the payback period is always beyond the designated study period.

Memphis Office and Baltimore Hotel. Landscape Water use for landscape irrigation in high performance landscapes is based on proper selection of plant material, proper soil preparation, and watering based on the actual needs of the plant material in the landscape. The approach developed in this research study is designed to help decision-makers explicitly define uncertainties in the economy and local markets e.

Analytical Approach and Tools for DOD Military Construction and Renovation The exercise provided important feedback for the potential application of the economic efficiency evaluation process for DOD military and construction going forward. The fundamental approach was to assume a linear relationship between the first costs and the energy savings. Login or Register to save!


Specifically, the energy loads modeled in EnergyPlus include the plug loads of the laundry equipment, which includes Energy Star-rated equipment, but does not decrease as much as the overall Office energy loads which also include expected plug loads.

At the moment, the authorization and appropriation processes for DOD military construction and renovation tend to focus more on individual projects than on a strategic level portfolio management approach.

The sensitivity analysis of Net Savings addresses the robustness of these results under different conditions, specifically changes in the discount rate from 1. The medium office design came out of the PNNL study.

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GBI provided expected energy and water performance data for the buildings in the sample such as expected energy use reductionwhich were then used to adjust the relevant quantities in. The Results section of this report provides the Net Savings for the Long-Term Cost-Benefit with the sensitivity analysis, as well as the Rate of Return on Investment and Payback, for each specified standard and rating systems using the two building types i.

Specific landscaping approaches, such as low-water landscaping, could eliminate mowing and other related landscaping costs or may require additional plant maintenance for protection of indigenous plantings. Therefore, investments in these buildings would be better than most investments currently available to the US federal government on the market. The Study Period selected for any life cycle cost analysis reflects the expected useful life of stucy investment i.

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The characteristics that do change by climate zone would be the thermal performance of the ggi measures R-values and the HVAC equipment efficiencies. The tools provide csse standardized bbi to collect and organize data and to automate the calculation of the measures of economic efficiency. This signed MOU introduced a new element and significant challenges for developing Acronyms and Abbreviations — Example of Sensitivity Analysis for Time Period and Discount Rate Sensitivity Analysis on Factor Price Escalation Another major area of uncertainty related to this study is future prices for municipal utilities such as electricity, natural gas, water and sewage over the next years.

These potential future Net Savings under this scenario could also be viewed as the potential future additional costs that will be incurred if a building does not follow ASHRAE Simple Payback provides a measure of w,i liquidity of an investment. Since the scope of this study required comparing the results of the analysis of the specified building standards and rating systems across two building types and five locations, the set of tools also provides a means to view and compare the results across the portfolio of alternatives.


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The economic efficiency analysis of Net Savings requires a specific base case against which to compare the relative incremental costs and benefits of alternatives. The potential Net Savings for the Hotel is more than twice the Net Savings for the Office, and these savings increase rapidly over the time period as the savings accumulate.

The definitions and equations used for this analysis are: In cases where the Net Savings is negative, it is not. For the Memphis Office and Baltimore Hotel, the Net Savings are great than 0 within the Study Period of years, indicating that these buildings are economically efficient for the scenarios under consideration. Reducing total cost of ownership is intrinsic to sustainable buildings. Architecture-Fixed across all Prototypes. This analysis examines specifically those costs that could have been avoided for these buildings if they were built under the guidance of these building standards.

These price increases are often due to increased operating costs, required investments in system upgrades, or local shortages. The primary objective of this study is to ensure the usefulness of the analytical approach and results to aid decision-making for strategic investments in DOD capital facility assets.

The Green Globes reporting requirements do not include investment cost i. Simple payback does not include time-adjusted costs or benefits, and is the time when the summation of the expected annual savings equals the original investment; discounted payback includes time-adjusted annual savings, and is the time when the summation of the time-adjusted savings equals the original investment.

gbi case study wmi

Literature Review — Appendix E: