Faith-based engineering is a perpetual test of faith. The question reveals a pitiful degree of hubris an delusion. Returning to Christianity, it had started in a somewhat similar epoch of the end of the previous kind of development and civilisations and the emerging new times and needs as well as other big monotheistic religions. Returning to Christianity, it had started in a somewhat similar epoch of the end of the previous kind of development and civilisations and the emerging new times and needs as well as other big monotheistic religions. It applies also to your imaginary travelers from future: How should we apply it in loops and reflections to steer society? Hi Bee, I have read your essay as well as many others too, but to me, those essays are worthless but that doesn’t affect my scoring process.

Then is also a clash between the cells of the Obscurantism column. Open peer review does not work simply because most papers will never get any review. And me, of course, but one is not enough here. As for my own essay, I address the issue of whether the human mind tends to end up properly prepared for steering a worthwhile future. This introduces a huge bias and inertia.

To say roughly, we can define this space as the sum of 2 spinor spaces with conjugate typeswhere a spinor space is a 2-dimensional complex space E such that the space of hermitian forms on E is essaay with the tangent space to this point of space-time. It comes across as ethically acceptable due to the voluntary nature of these “apps” should they be called brain apps or etc?

Well, you’ll find it out after reading my essay ;- Anyway, Philip Gibbs’ essay might win this time, don’t you think? Among these essay, the biggest clash is between columns: As I commented there: Mind makes collapse before decoherence H.

fqxi essay 2014

Newer Post Older Post Home. Descartes did experiment with optics, mirrors and light. Take for instance, Netflix’s movie recommendation engine. That is one reason why we must navigate by the moral quality of our actions, not the moral quality of our goals. Nature is a little relaxed and we a little lazy for now to find a better chart to get our priorities straight before we realize we may urgently need them.


What about Nash Equilibrium and with a wide enough study and motivation there can be strategies that tend to win? Despite of this, and that I rated 10 the other 2 above, we still have very essaay ratings: This is so foundational and technical I seem to lose myself as well as casual readers.

Namely, having works openly reviewed and criticized by anyone, and knowing who writes each review so as to make it possible to figure out if the reviewer is competent or not, can be an interesting information. Everyone his own opinion. The scientists and which scientists?

Christianity — a religion I do NOT believe in, but nevertheless admire.

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But it’s not even that he tries to defend any obscurantist ideology there: After two dozen attempted comments to your essay I ran out of views in which to view and comment your essay’s subject. You, Sabine cautious where science clearly distinguishes speculation, and others here have what it takes to make such inquiry – we should add perhaps it not just about or essential emotions in the mix but how we should steer the great power of our intellegence.

Hawking asked for such social input not that long ago so the concepts do seem to converge and be responsibly related. Our only failure esaay be that we settle for less and believe in that state of things we can endure. There seems to be a guilt lurking somewhere in your essay.


fqxi essay 2014

In reality we all are critical travelers TO the future. They also need to be the sort of sophisticated, “quality” nonsense able to give esaay the feeling that it constitutes an intelligent, convincing defense of their obscurantist ideology.

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Nevertheless I have to remind you that in the ancient days of Odyssey, Ulysses was only able to escape Polyphemus trap by his own cunningness rather than sentimentalism. Maudlin as expressed elsewhere. Sabine, Cold fact is that within year or two whole Earth might be annihilated due to manmade chain reactionso thinking about how to steer the future in general is complete waste of time.

The letters on a transparent sheet you mentioned I had never heard of but the effect, implying illusions or facts of nature I did intuit from simpler observations, structural phenomena in thinking about chirality, abstractly the same right and left effect.

fqxi essay 2014

Edgar, I develop and apply the rigorously derived concept of dynamic complexity, which is very different from the canonical loose exercises on the subject, does solve problems otherwise unsolvable and gives well-specified and rigorously substantiated answers to questions you mention and also to those about the future of humanity to be decided by the critical choice of today.

Newer Post Older Post Home. By pure coincidence, I met esswy following quotation today: But neither chirality nor Descartes ideas on vortices as I once thought was the creative gqxi that explained everything. Without my rating, you can figure out how absurdly low their rating would have been. How well does it actually work?