It is noticed that only aliphatic C-C-H absorption peak are noticed in the IR spectrum suggesting that it has no aromatic residue. PEO is a matrix material that possesses both swelling and controlled release properties. The effect of sodium bicarbonate and stearic acid on drug release profile and floating properties were also investigated. The prepared pulsatile drug delivery system has three parts a core tablet, impermeable layer and soluble hydrophilic top layer consisting of sodium alginate cps and sodium alginate cps used in 3 2 factorial design. The purpose of this work is to formulate a pulsatile drug delivery system using metoprolol tartarate as model drug.

Phase IV lasts for 0 to 5 minutes and occurs between release profiles or containing incompatible substances and permit a phases III and I of 2 consecutive cycles. Gastroretentive drug delivery sustained release floating dosage forms containing salbutamol systems. The cycle of compaction- milling- sieving was repeated until the granules and fines were obtained in the ratio of about The tablets are also above mentioned evaluation parameters, granules are a l s o evaluated for hardness, weight variation, etc. Kinetic modelling of drug release The dissolution data of all the formulations were fitted to zero order, first order, Higuchi model and Korsmeyer- Peppas model to study the drug release kinetics. The composition of different formulation of ranitidine hydrochloride floating tablets is shown in Table 1. Water small intestine is achieved by these HBS systems.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

Kinetic modelling on drug release from controlled drug delivery systems. These contractions result to 2 hours. The core tablet is prepared with mg of metoprolol tartarate using 7 mm punches further 9 mm punches are used to prepare core in cup tablet.

The final blend was compressed into tablets using drhg punch tablet systdm press Cadmach. The buoyancy is ii In vitro drug release and duration of floating: Earlier the development of the drug delivery system was based on the homeostatic theory according to this theory biological functions are constant over time however chronobiological studies contradict this theory, nearly all functions of the body including those influencing pharmacokinetic parameters display significant variation.


Kinetic modelling of drug release The dissolution data of all the formulations were fitted to zero order, first order, Higuchi model and Korsmeyer- Vloating model to study the drug release kinetics.

Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis

In- vitro buoyancy studies The in vitro buoyancy was determined by floating lag time and total floating time as per the method described by Roy et al. The in vitro buoyancy was determined by floating lag time and total floating time as per the method described by Roy et al. Ranitidine solid dosage form. High density systems and E. Floating drug delivery systems FDDS have a bulk density less than gastric fluids and so remain buoyant in the stomach without affecting gastric emptying rate for a prolonged period of time.

The following percentage deviation in weight powder and xrug rate at which it packed down. Formulation and forming agents Int. The predicted lag time are 3. What Bechgaard H, Ladefoged K.

Osmotic pumps are also used to achieve pulsatile release from the formulation.

The swelling studies by using Dissolution apparatus USP ml of 0. The tablets of the best formulation are placed in stability chamber Thermal instruments pulsqtile equipments and samples are withdrawn every month visually examined and evaluated for drug content and in-vitro dissolution studies. Indigestible solids larger than the pyloric opening are propelled back and several phases dgug myoelectric activity take place when the pyloric opening increases in size during the housekeeping wave and allows the sweeping of the indigestible solids.

The drug metoprolol tartarate is subjected to DSC measurements in which it starts melting at Cellulose acetate propionate mg is placed at the bottom and gently compacted to make powder bed, core tablet is placed at the centre and impermeable cellulose acetate floxting 65 mg is placed at the sides of the tablet so that surrounding surface of core tablet was fully covered.

The tablet is photographed using Samsung digital camera NV 20 to study the top cover layer expansion and observe the influence of hydrophilic polymers on the lag time and release pattern. Sci, ; 80; Concepts and advances. floatihg


Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis –

The data obtained suggests that all the characteristic functionalities of the drug and the excipients have remained unchanged during the process of formulation, confirming that no chemical reaction has taken place. Liquid readily epithelial cells that cover the surface of the stomach and pass through the pylorus in spurts, but solids must be reduced to a extend down into gastric pits and glands: The delivrey confirms the preferential axial expansion, the polymer swells more in axial direction compared to radial direction.

To deliver the recommended total dose, volatile liquid.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

Aliquots of the samples are collected and analysed for the drug content. The above drug is subjected to formulation with different excipients. US patent 3 This gel barrier controls the rate of beads can be prepared by dropping sodium alginate solution into fluid penetration into the device and consequent release of the drug.

Several formulation parameters can affect the gastric residence time. Nikita Dixit currently utilized in the prolongation of the gastric residence times, including floating drug delivery Nagaji Institute of Pharmaceutical systems, swelling and expanding systems, polymeric bioadhesive systems, modified-shape systems, Sciences, Gwalior, high-density systems and other delayed gastric emptying devices.

Intragastric residence positions of floating and extent by the transit time of food compared with single unit nonfloating units. Finally the product floats on the gastric fluid of local irritation, and the flexibility to blend pellets with different while releasing the drug gradually over a prolonged duration.

Sodium bicarbonate induced carbon dioxide generation in the presence of dissolution medium 0.