It is also a way to permanently preserve your work. What if a member of my examining committee has to participate remotely in my PhD defence? Complete all changes required by the format check. I just submitted my thesis to DalSpace. After selecting the collection press next. Students must obtain appropriate copyright permission for any substantial part of the thesis for which copyright is held by another party e.

Any serif or variable width font e. Senior Thesis Clerk will meet you there. Day of Defence Arrive early. If borrowing equipment from FGS, i. Begin discussing potential defence dates with your supervisor.

This is typically no problem, and will be coordinated by Graduate Studies. Thhesis copyright permissions must be attained before the defence. We will complete your format check within two business days. Once it is approved by FGS, it may take a few more days for the submission to be pushed through the system.

What if a member of my examining committee has to participate remotely in my PhD defence?

Upon completion of your format check, you will get an email from a member of the thesis team. Where do I find information on ethics approval? I just submitted my thesis to DalSpace.

Rooms are booked one half-hour before each defence. Select the collection from dropdown menu in the left pane. fge

Forms and Documents – Faculty of Graduate Studies – Dalhousie University

What material do I need to get copyright permission dlhousie before I can use it in my thesis? Please include your banner number and defence date in the email.


This means your thesis should be sent to FGS for delivery to the external examiner about six weeks before the scheduled defence date. Format Guidelines The following resources outline formatting requirements for the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

fgs dalhousie thesis

Follow the remaining steps for the submission process including the file upload step. Remember to review and follow FGS guidelines on formatting your thesis. Deliver copies of your thesis to your departmental graduate thesia to be distributed to your internal examining committee members.

Attend thesis defences of other PhD candidates to get some idea what to expect.

Preparing for a Doctoral Defence

If you are unsure if you need copyright permission, consult your supervisor. What font should I use in my master’s or doctoral thesis? If Ralhousie defend my thesis during the summer months and present my approved copies to FGS by the August deadline for submission, do I have to register for the fall term?

fgs dalhousie thesis

All thesis students are required to submit a copy of their thesis to FGS for an initial format check before their thesis defence. Thdsis you need further help with the DalSpace submission process, please visit or email dalspace dal.

Complete all changes required by the format check. If you have a remote participant, Senior Thesis clerk will contact you to arrange a test run in the defence room. Since FGS no longer binds theses as of January 1,where can I go to have copies of my thesis bound? The original signed forms are kept in the student’s file. Do I have to register my PhD thesis title?


Theses and Defences

Copyright permission letters should appear in an appendix at the end of the thesis fg any signatures removed. Six Months Prior to Defence Begin preparing your thesis for presentation as a finished document. Day of Defence Arrive early.

FGS does not coordinate thesis binding, but interested students can contact a binding company directly. Thesis grades are updated on a monthly report, the grade of APPR will be reflected around the middle of the month following the month you made your submission.

fgs dalhousie thesis

If copyright permissions are likely to be a problem then you can reconsider publishing with that publisher or including that material in your thesis.

Following Your Defence Submit required changes to your supervisor within the specified timeframe.