This log can be viewed on-line or exported as a. Configuration Management Effective configuration management ensures that devices contain the right configuration based on policy. Moreover, it introduced new services gradually. Devices that are not at the latest level are easily identified. Registration Forgot your password? Businesses must retreat from ad-hoc management to some mechanism of configuration control to ensure network stability. The management system collects all performance data within 5 minutes, while processing all user requests, to ensure no loss of data due to CON

PerleVIEW enables effective delegation of management responsibilities by giving administrators granular control over which users can perform specific management operations on specific systems. The increased competition has led to a rapid pace of development of new services, increasingly sophisticated and personalized, so it is imperative that the management system allows these services to be implemented gradually. Security Management Enabling successful security management means segregating the roles and responsibilities of administrators and users, logging their activity, and ensuring the privacy of data on the network. This may require an operator to respond to the alarm and acknowledge it or have this notification automatically sent out to individuals. Administration Accounting Management For large enterprises, a number of groups of individuals with varying responsibilities are involved in the management of the network.

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PerleVIEW as an application designed specifically for Windows Servers, integrating with Windows security and authentication mechanisms. Manage users The administrator adds or removes a user or modifies user permissions.

Database Server System under development External system Fig.

In addition, data to and from your internet browser can be encrypted via standard SSL and SSH protocols, ensuring complete protection of your online information. Published by Terence McDonald Modified about 1 year ago.

As with all managed network components, various parameters can be set. Collect performance data Network performance data delay, offset, and jitter is collected periodically from the time servers UC Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Sketch views and record design decisions The diagram in Fig.


A relational database server must be used CON This enables the client and the managed devices to exist on separate unconnected or firewalled networks. Decisions regarding concurrent access have not been made yet. Review Inputs The first step of the ADD method involves reviewing the inputs and identifying which requirements will be considered as drivers Category Details Cade All of the constraints disscussed in next section are included as drivers Arhictectural concers All of the architectural concerns discussed in previous section are included as drivers.

Network connection to users workstations can have low bandwidth and be unreliable CRN Since the Rich Client is being programmed in Java, this fcwps execution under Windows, OSX, and Linux CON-3 Physically structure the application using 3-tier deployment pattern, and isolate the database by providing database access components in the data layer of the application server CON-4 Use of Java Web Start technology requires shudy client to be downloaded only fcap first time, and then when upgrades stuy.

As information networks grow in size and businesses expect greater uptime and performance from their network backbone, there is an increased need to proactively monitor activity, notify when or before problems occur and provide alerting to administrators. Maintenance Options Americas Europe. By relying on the already established Windows Server security infrastructure that has been adopted by the enterprise, PerleVIEW is automatically protected and can capitalize on the change management, Active Directory policy management and strong authentication schemes that already exist.

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Instantiate architectural elements, allocate responsibilities and define interfaces Step 6: Sketch views and record design decisions Step 7: With pre-configuration, an authenticated user connected to PerleVIEW can connect to any of the devices without re-authenticating again to the device. Registration Forgot your password?

It isolates and abstracts operations with the time servers to support communication with different type of time server. Sketch views and record design decisions Information about the relationships between some elements in the diagram that is worth recording is summarized in the following table: Any process for configuration management needs to include a process whereby that environment can be audited against its baseline.


The protocol is added successfully without any changes to the core components of the systems UC-5 QA-3 Availability A failure occurs in the management system during normal operation. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Chapter 7: Case Study FCAPS System (Part I).

Other technologies still need to be selected e. Your ability to show successful compliance to network security regulations and prove your configuration can prevent you from expensive and damaging litigation.

fcaps case study

PerleVIEW enables effective delegation of management responsibilities by giving administrators granular control over which users can perform specific management operations on specific systems. Perform Analysis of Current Design and Review Iteration Goal and Achievement of Design Purpose The following table summarize the design proress using the Kanban board technique Not Addressed Partially Addressed Completed Addressed Design Decision Made during the Iteration QA-2 Introduction of a time server access module in the data layer on the server application that encapsulates communication with the time servers.

Fcaos Design Establishing the overall structure of a software system Objectives To introduce architectural design and to discuss its importance.

fcaps case study

Furthermore, in this paper we will provide recommendations for the company with respect to the case study. To recognizing this type of failure, the network management system issues pro-active SNMP probes on a fcwps basis. Periodic SNMP probes interrogate the health of all your Perle devices on the network ensuring that you have the most update information on your network devices.