Which of the following statements by the client reflects an understanding of the teaching? It slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Vigorous exercise when the patient is less tired may lead to increased fatigue. A client is diagnosed with pulmonary embolism and is to be treated with streptokinase Streptase. During the proliferative phase 7 to 14 days , the endometrium thickens, estrogen rises and peaks, and the ovum is released ovulation. Four nurses are inserting catheters in their clients. Let the child soak in the tub for 10 minutes 3.

In a three-point gait, weight is borne on both crutches and then on the uninvolved leg. Which of the following would indicate to the nurse that the client is experiencing a toxic effect related to the medication? Label it and take it out of service – all organizations have labels which indicate the equipment is not working. Admission to the hospital for continuous fetal monitoring 3. Suggest that he purchase an emergency in-home alert system.

What is the antidote for heparin? Which clinical manifestation does the nurse expect to increase in a client with Cushing syndrome? Elbridge how to insert his new hearing aid. A nurse is preparing a client who has supra ventricular tachycardia for elective cardioversion.

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In which situation would using standard precautions be adequate? Superficial or cutaneous pain is of short duration and is localized as in a small cut. The patient’s complaints of feeling cold and shivering indicate that the hypothalamic set point for temperature has been increased and the temperature is increasing.


Increased bands in the WBC differential shift to the left When infections are severe, such as in septicemia, more granulocytes are released from the bone marrow as a compensatory mechanism. Administer the medication on an empty stomach. Digoxin is a cardiac glycoside that is used to treat heart failure and acts by increasing the force of myocardial contraction. Which of the following food choices should the nurse identify as an indication that the client understands the teaching?

Improved bone integrity 4. The nurse implements which safe action when giving this child a tepid tub bath?

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This sequence will avoid contaminating the vial of regular insulin with insulin of another type. Specific gravity less than 1. Septicemia is the invasion of pathogenic bacteria into the blood stream.

This will decrease the incidence of birth defects associated with the drugs.

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A nurse is planning acre for a client who has a sealed radiation implant for cervical cancer. Withhold all food and fluids until vomiting has ceased for at least 8 hours 3. Show a colorful video about anticoagulation therapy.

evolve case study cervical cancer quizlet

Weight gain is a common side effect and frequent snacks will aggravate this problem. Option 3 refers specifically to the event described in the question. The client with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is receiving daunorubicin DaunoXome. It is uncommon for clients to experience diarrhea, dizziness, or pruritis itching from the use of Amphogel. Internal rotation of the right leg. A patient in the emergency department is angry, yelling, cursing, and waving his arms when the nurse comes to the treatment cubicle.


Options 2 and 3 are not accurate during the preoperative period because the infant is kept NPO. The impact on sperm count and erectile function depends on the patient’s pretreatment status and on the amount of exposure to radiation. When is a lumbar puncture indicated? Nausea and lethargy are also side effects associated with magnesium elevation and should be reported, but they are not as significant as the loss of deep tendon reflexes.

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If an anticonvulsant medication is missed, the health care provider should be notified. It is also contraindicated if the client has a history of blood dyscrasias. Which of the following client information should indicate to the nurse that the client requires a revision of his IV therapy prescription? Suggest a peak and trough to ensure safe medication administration.

A client with myasthenia gravis becomes increasingly weak.