Moreover, Islam does not accord any value, any weight to man, unless he is on the religion of monotheism. How is it that it allows to kill someone who intends to kill but has not killed yet, but forbids killing the man who intended to kill and killed? The Qiyas are a fourth element of Sharia Law. The media often leaves the public with the impression that all are punished with flimsy evidence or limited proof. It has regulations for personal hygiene, diet, sexual conduct, and elements of child rearing.

The distinction between hurts of shajjah Clause 41 and of jurh Clause 55 will often lead to confusion in the Law Courts, make the trial of cases complicated, cause delay in their disposal and lead to accumulation of arrears in the Law Courts, thus defeating the main and primary object of the Government to provide speedy and inexpensive justice to the public. It is, therefore,clear that the directions contained in any judgment of the Federal Shariat Court regarding repugnancy of any law are binding upon the Federal and the Provincial Governments. Some Western writers use the felony analogy for Had crimes and misdemeanor label for Tazir crimes. And the curse of Allah. There is a never-ending race for armaments:

Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan

Thus, a true Muslim is a fundamentalist in the practice of that religion, but a true Muslim is not radical, because the Quran teaches tolerance and moderation in all things. Today, the Diya is paid by the offender to the victim if he is alive.

They justify war for this qqisas in high-sounding phrases – the war which shakes the world to pieces and destroys the tilth and the generations. The exact punishment for each qisas crime is set forth in the Quran.

The United States justice system has adopted a retribution model which sets fixed punishments for each crime. The amount of Diyat also varied from tribe to tribe. Is Hell, to abide therein. Islamic Law does have separate courts for Muslims for “religious crimes” and contemporary non-religious courts for other criminal and civil matters.


The analogy is partially accurate, but not entirely true. Muslims are held accountable to the Sharia Law, but non-Muslims are not bound by the same standard apostasy from Allah. Framing of this altogether new Statute, replacing relevant provisions, already existing in different laws relating to criminal justice, will make the trial offences in the law Courts more complicated and lengthy.

The Sunna are a composite of the qizas of the prophet and his works. Eseay 2 ptherefore, appears to be superfluous. Had crimes are crimes against God’s law and Tazir crimes are crimes against society. The Provincial Governments may also file appeals from the judgments of the competent Courts to the Sessions Court or to the High Court against the order of the Sessions Judge in exercise of his original jurisdiction.

The Qur’an quotes it in these words: The major myth of many people is that judges in Islamic nations have fixed punishments for all crimes. Some nations will use a formal process of legal education and internship in a lower court. Sharia Law has several sources from which to draw its guiding principles.

essay on qisas

And if a man kills a woman, and the heirs of the slain woman want to kill him, they shall pay half of his blood-money to the man’s heirs. This provision eesay among the victims and determines the quantum of punishment not according to the nature or seriousness of the offence but according to the status of the victim, i.

essay on qisas

The act qsias theft as a generic term is prohibited so the judge must rely on logic and reason to create new case law or Qiyas. According to this clause the females and non-Muslims, where an accused is a Muslim, and persons who after the process of Tazkia-tul-Shahood are not found to be pious, are excluded from giving evidence in a murder case irrespective of any consideration of its circumstances.

Some of the more common Tazir crimes are: And no one denies qiass of such killing.

Sharia is only applicable to Muslims. It is, therefore, suggested that the existing definitions in the Pakistan Penal Code of simple and grievous hurt should be adopted wssay so far as they are not in conflict with the mandates of Quran and Sunnah.


Sections and A were also considered repugnant because they did not provide for composition and payment of Diyat.

Suratul Baqarah: Verses – | Al-Mizan An Exegesis of the Qur’an, vol 2 |

The powers exercisable by the President and the Governors to grant pardon, reprieve and respite etc, seem to be essential and may be retained particularly with regard to cases wherein gross miscarriage of justice has taken place.

The assertion that the crime of murder is a psychological disease which should be treated in mental hospitals, has provided an excuse – qisss what a good excuse it is!

This nature, this real being, makes no distinction between a single man and a thousand; all are human beings; and as far as the existence is concerned, one man and the whole humanity have got equal weight, equal value.

Moreover, Islam does not accord any value, any weight to man, unless he is on the religion of monotheism. Had crimes are those which are punishable by a pre-established punishment found in the Quran. The slave for the slave. Now, we come to the view that society should utilize qiss available manpower, and as such should use the criminals in compulsory labour and other such work, by imprisoning them and cutting their access to the society.

However, instead of modifying the relevant sections of the Pakistan Penal Code and the other allied Statutes esasy suitable amendments the proposed Ordinance repeals Sections toA, toto and the Punjab Murderous Outrages Act,completely, and a new Ordinance containing Clauses has been drafted, making the task of the Trial Courts in connection with the day to day administration of criminal justice extremely difficult.