Meanwhile, Hussain Shah, the Nawab of Bengal had become so powerful that he exercised his control over large tracts including Tirhut. The Vrijjan Republic was a confederation of eight clans of which the Licchavis were the most powerful and influential. The above industries have generated considerable employment and have also been helpful in establishing a number of small industries including a few cottage industries. Rural population in the district is Best months to visit are Oct-Mar. ST Population – Urban. The map created by people like you!

You are right, there are obvious reasons for missing hometown. The soil of the district is largely alluvial. I used to visit only techtricksworld. The decennial growth rate between and was Muzaffarpur District has several industries, big and small. Thanks for coming by. Sitamarhi is a beautiful place as these pictures tell.

Thanks for coming by Mansi. However you can never forget your home So when I see your home town Sitamarhi.

essay on my town muzaffarpur

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rural population in the district is I think this is the first time I am landing up in this blog.


Thanks for reaching out to this blog of mine as well. Shi baat hai Abhishek sir!

essay on my town muzaffarpur

Add your comment in english. It has a network of railways and well-maintained roads.

Muzaffarpur Smart City

Self-help Groups and Marginalised Communities. Urban Literates – Male. Those winning parties Samosa-chatni! Reji Stephenson July 14, at 4: The emperor of Delhi advanced easay Hussain Shah in and got control over Tirhut after defeating its Raja. Archived from the original on A special feature of the district is that due to continuous deposit of silt many of its riverbeds are higher than the adjoining areas. Archived from the original on 17 November The district passed on to the local chiefs.

Cultivation of litchi covers approximately an area of about 25, hectares producing abouttonnes every year. Kesri Nandan July 8, at As of it is the third most populous district of Bihar out of 38after Patna and East Champaran.

I miss all of these. Obtain a Birth Certificate.


There is No Better Place Than the Hometown. Mine is Sitamarhi!

Tirhut is the another name of Mithila. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. There was a central legislature the total number of whose members was This article possibly contains original research. Tim Jacobs July 4, at muzaffarpug Archived PDF from the original on 7 May Neither the boiling summer nor the rain could stop us to play the matches.

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Muzaffarpur is an important centre for the wholesale cloth trade. Retrieved from ” https: Hi Donna, Thank you for reading this post.

There was a huge Banyan tree in the premises of the temple which provided shade and relief to many people. SC Population – Rural.