Choose a Membership Plan I agree to wait a whole day. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. For a moment, she considered screaming, but it was too much trouble. Alice wonders if her father will appear different as well. She compares herself more implicitly with the actions, and movements of her twin sister Jenny, who struggles with her sisters constant searching for acceptance of her new image. Jarred, at the very first sight of Alice, addressed her enthusiastically as Gail.

Now that she has a new body shoe wonders if the soul is really hers or the soul she has belongs to Gail. This change is very hard on the family because to lose a family member is very heartbreaking. A vignette is a short, impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or gives a trenchant impression about a character, an idea, or a setting. Now she sees herself as being beautiful and athletic. In her new body, she feels more confident due to her new appearance but she is also confused and uncomfortable about all the changes in her life. Contemporary and employs modern idiom. Although her mother accepted her, still there were doubts in her mind and perhaps whenever she looked at Alice she tried to see the face of Alice in her, and finding it to be someone else the mother might have felt guilty about it.

Alice struggles to identify with Mr. Her mom reminds her that the mind is very adaptable and that they would get through this.

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Alice in the Mirror Image. The story is about self realization, the ability to form an opinion about oneself through the eyes of mirror around you. Sorry, but only registered users om full access. Another family that is shown to have changed a great deal is the Jarred family.


Alice explores her new body in a different way and compares it to her old one: The carefully chosen words in the story subtly bring out the possible consequences and the possible solutions to an advancement that can be done through modern science.

Alice wants to read the diary as she had done in the past but Jenny feels she does not know her sister as she once had, and states she feels the need to know her better before she shares her eessay most thoughts. This is one of the main thoughts that lead me to believe she is insecure. She did not recognize him as her father.

Has a difficult time accepting change much like her bj sister and insists [They] have to get to know [each other] better before Alice reads Jenny’s diary. This body had belonged to a girl named Gail. Her mind knew that no matter how she tried to ignore the inevitable that her image had changed.

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The best supporting evidence to this theme was when Mr. Ultimately this gives her confidence to do things she really wanted to do but thought impossible because imagr her old physical status. In this story a dead person has been brought into life by a successful operation of brain transplantation.

essay on mirror image by lena coakley

The reader comes to realize this when Alice was in the hospital because at lfna she struggles greatly len recovering her basic cognitive and motor skills: The story deals with family relationship, pride and media power. Alice too, confused, not knowing what to do, but somehow reassured that she belongs to the family where her brain belongs walked homeward.

With new body many things change about eszay. Whose soul is that? She his able to relax and become more comfortable with the changes. She discovered that what defined her was not her body or her brain.


Please choose the access option you need: This wasn’t her breath. Before ny told her she had a new body, Alice knew something was different about her — her hands, her breath, her tone. It also explains the stress, regrets and disappointments and etc. She also discusses with her mother the concept of her body potentially being older and perhaps getting her license even though she was still being treated the same as her twin sister.

Jarred understood the harsh reality and sadly walked away saying that he would tell his wife that he did not see Gail in her eyes, but he did not tell Alice who he saw there.

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Jarred is that he helps her with the iimage of finding her identity. Existing knowledge, theories and practices help as the background and the author presents a picture of future by mixing gy existing background along with his imagination. Alice has mixed emotions about everything that has happened to her.

Alice’s body, however, is often imagined by the reader to be lean and athletic. By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

essay on mirror image by lena coakley

Jarred explains her view on the situation. Alice, the protagonist of the story goes through traumatic events that affect her life and gy people around her.