The week-long festival unites Nagaland and people enjoy the colourful performances, crafts, sports, food fairs, games, and ceremonies. The alder Alnus Nepalensis of Naga Land and some cedrellas easily outgrow ever the fastest growing Eucalyptus. The Naga Country lies in the temperate zone and is mountainous. Progress and Its Impact on the Nagas: The American Baptist Naga mission grew out of the Assam mission in

Blyth’s tragopan Tragopan blythii. In March , a direct presidential rule was imposed by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on the state. The Government has decided to shift the present Zoological Park to Dimapur at Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary, with a view to introduce many species of animals and birds of warm region. The women, as a cultural practice, would encourage men to undertake head-hunting as a prerequisite to marriage. The state has significant hydroelectric potential, which if realised could make the state a power surplus state.

essay on flora and fauna of nagaland

Thereafter from 1 Aprilit was brought under the direct administration of the Crown through Her Majesty’s representative; the Governor of Assam province. The women, as a cultural practice, would encourage men to undertake head-hunting as a prerequisite to marriage.

Retrieved 21 March War dances and other dances belonging to distinctive Naga tribes are a major art form in Nagaland.

Chalmugra, from the seeds of which is extracted and oil for the treatment of leprosy and ginseng, used for curing cancer, are some of the better known medicinal plants to be found in this area. Of insect, perhaps none in nature are as stylish, navaland gaudy as the butterflies, Dauna exporters have long exploited the ignorance of the people and many rare and beautiful species of butterfly have found their way to the Universities and scientists of the outside world without mention being made to their being collected from Naga Country.


Archived from the original on 28 October Dimapur district is also at the lowest elevation, Zunheboto district being highest in the mountains.

essay on flora and fauna of nagaland

The population of Nagaland consists of almost 1. The damage has set a dangerous precedent. A re-discovery and re-building of Naga cultural values. The union government sent the Indian Army into restore order. Nagaland became the 16th state of India on 1 December There are fruits sweet, sour and bitter and those with tastes in between without number.

The majority of the population in the state speaks English, which is the official language of the state. Sweetness in an environment of edsay is perhaps more prizes, and beauty that comes out of a harsh and rough environment perhaps more lovely.

Nagaland – Flora and Fauna

Tragopan Breeding Project in London U. The origin of the word ‘Naga’ is also unclear. Alpine Forests Alpine vegetation is found at high altitudes dauna ridges of Saramati range, which remains covered with snow for major part of the year from October to April. Our land is marked by natural beauty and serene topography. Forestry is also an important source of income. In many a place, the ground has been cut m into the mountain side without meeting nagapand underlying rock.

In addition to the above sanctuaries, the other two Wildlife Sanctuaries: The only difference is that in the former case the evergreen species dominate though there are deciduous species like Bhelu Tetrameles nudifloraParoli Stereospermum chelonoidesJutuli Altingia excels etc, whereas in the present case, the number of evergreen species decreases and the deciduous species are more in number. Rhododendron Macabiunum was first discovered in Mt.


Some of the cosliest foods of the Nagas are species of bees and wood-worm pupae. The dominanat species in this type of forest are Hollong Dipterocarpus macrocarpusMakai Shorea assamicaNahor Mesua ferrea etc.

essay on flora and fauna of nagaland

The State is also considered as one of the centers of origin of rice and secondary origin of citrus, chilly and maize. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nagaland.

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The most common dlora threats are Pneumoconiosis, aka black lung disease or CWP and others like cardiopulmonary disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, lung disease, and kidney disease. Changing Local Cultures in the Northeast of India. This is due to the excellent nagalnad growth conditions of soil, water and temperature prevalent in the area. Nagaland is home to the bhut jolokia or ghost pepper, one of the hottest chilis in the world atSHU on the Scoville scale.

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