According to the Constitution of India, children below the age group of 14 years are completely prohibited to be involved in factory, mine or other hazardous employment in anyways. Child labour is the service paid by the children in their childhood in any field of work. Industrialists and businessmen generally chose child labour because of the efficient work in minimum time at low cost. By spreading awareness among people we can eradicate child labour. Free help with homework Free help with homework. Let your kids and children know what is child labour, its causes and what prevention measures are. According to the Indian law, children below the age of 14 years cannot be employed to any type of work forcefully whether by the parents or owner in a factories, offices or restaurants.

In it was found that the number of child labourers to be at 4. Easy 10 page research paper topics statistics Easy 10 page research paper topics statistics how to write a good thesis for sat essay narrative essay writing service jobs zealand good introduction paragraph for compare and contrast essays. It is not the responsibility of the government only, it should be solved and taken care by all the parents, owners and other social organizations. Such parents understand that their kids are the only property of them, they can use them as they want. At some places, child rights are repressed.

In it was found that the number of child labourers to be at 4. These beautiful woords spread beautiful scent in the garden. Child labour is the act of employing and engaging children in the economic activities like in the exploitative industry, illegal business, etc on part-time or full-time basis.

Children who are working under hazardous conditions are even in worse condition.

Child Labour in India Essay in English & Hindi (, , & Words)

Following are some important points regarding causes of child labour:. Poverty and lack of schools are the primary reasons of child labour in any developing country all across the world. Child labour interferes with the proper growth and development of the children in all aspects like mentally, physically, socially and intellectually. Child chidl is needed by some Industrialists and businessmen in the country who want efficient work at low minimum cost.


Child Labour Essay

Children have full rights to play with friends, go to school, feel the love ln care of parents and touch beauty of the nature. Parents should take all the responsibility of the family by own and let their kids to live their childhood with lots of love and care.

They should carry books in their hands and not bricks. Having trouble with your homework? Child wodds is a big social issue in our country as well as abroad which everyone must be aware of. The highest incidence rate of the child labour is still more than 50 percent in which children of age group 5 to 14 are working in the developing country. How to write common app essays prompt 5 have one hundred years of solitude essay questions japanese words essay on unemployment benefits short note on healthy food briefs essay writing service caught medical schools word narrative essay fruits and nutrition how to write a 8 10 page research paper many hours does it take.

It has a turbulent history in Child labour involves some hard tasks performed by children below the age group of 14 years at very low payment. According to the survey of national india census the total number of child labourers who aged between 4 to 15to be at The law prescribes severe penalties for employers of child labour.


Answer quality is ensured by our experts. Nothing effective is happening to prevent the child labour from society as quickly as possible.

In terms of the physical condition of children, children are not ready for long monotonous work because they become exhausted more quickly than adults.

Will not be published Required. You can use these html tags: They can be taken as positive and no need to be eliminated. This act prohibits pre-adults to work under any company or in construction sites etc.

essay on child labour in india in 150 words

Poor parents or parents under poverty line are unable to afford the education expenses of their kids and they own unable to earn enough money for the family survival. Child Labour is a conditionwhere small children go to work. Inndia in many developing countries are forced to work hard for full day against their will at very low pay for esaay survival.

They do not understand that their kids need love and care, they need proper schooling and play with friends to grow properly. According to the statistics ofthe highest incidence rates of child labour was in sub-saharan Africa. The issue of the child labour has now woeds an international concern as it highly involved in inhibiting the growth and development of the country. This reduces their physical conditions and makes the children more vulnerable to disease.

essay on child labour in india in 150 words

Child labour is a big social issue in our country as well cbild abroad which everyone must be aware of. Mukesh Kumar gupta says: Log in to add a comment.