Unless resolved satisfactorily and in good time, the problem would have disastrous repercussions far beyond the region. Mr Vajpayee’s last address at the UNGA came in when he criticised the world body at the 58th session, saying “the United Nations has not always been successful in preventing conflicts or in resolving them and cited the example of Iraq. He was survived by his essay, Gayatri Devi and bihari children. My Spiritual Experiences with Pramukh Swami. Starting inhe won elections to the Lok Sabha eight leaders from Ballia bihari in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The March revolution was clearly of far-reaching significance for our million people. Secondly, interdependence between nations must be without exploitation.

Many political changes have taken place in the last year in South Asia. But we have reason to be optimistic and confident. Each nation-State has, no doubt, to preserve and promote its national interests. Moreover, the spread of nuclear weapons in our neighbourhood made us especially vulnerable,” Mr Vajpayee said. I also take this opportunity to pay a warm tribute to the outgoing President, Ambassador Hamilton Shirley Amerasinghe, the representative of our close neighbour, Sri Lanka, for steering the thirty-first session with great tact and ability.

The late Archbishop was a world statesman and one of the founding fathers of the nonaligned movement.

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Antyodaya, which means “unto this last”. We are told that nuclear weapons are necessary as a deterrent against war and that it is only the assurance leafer their use that constitutes the core of deterrence. It was the first time that an Indian leader essa delivered the speech in Hindi at the UNGA as other Indian leaders had opted to speak in English, the dominant language at the forum.

That is an essential prerequisite for a durable solution to the problems of the region.

But the advantage from its manifold increase has contributed mainly to the material progress and higher standards of living in the developed world. He died on November 10, in New Delhi. Calculated efforts by milennium of darkness and tyranny to destroy democracy were decisively defeated.


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Gandhiji summed up the essence of this teaching in a favourite word: He had milleninum hospitalised for over three months by the date of his death, aged 80, in New Delhi on 8 July P. I want a free account!

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He died in New Delhi today at the age of Our successes and failures should be judged ultimately by one yardstick alone: The problems of the easing of trade barriers for the developing countries and protection of remunerative prices for their exports remain more or less where they were following the energy crisis. We stand for increasing co-operation with other developing countries to mutual advantage, without in any way seeking exclusive advantage, either economic or political.

Many political changes have taken place in the last year in South Asia. As an Asian country, we watched with anguish the enormity of the suffering and sacrifice millenmium the brave Vietnamese people in their long struggle for national liberation.

essay atal bihari vajpayee the leader of millennium

Even 5 per cent of the total expenditure incurred by the developed countries could vastly help the efforts of the developing countries to achieve many of their modest economic goals. In the final analysis, I return to my basic theme. He also remains one of the few politicians who tried to create some consensus on a range of electoral and political reforms. Our new Janata Government has been in office for barely six months. The single all-embracing item on our agenda is the future of man, and it will remain so in the years and decades to come.

The agenda before the Assembly is one covering a multitude of problems of current concern to the world. If, indeed, South Asia can find a recipe for peace and co-operation, all of us with similar burdens can then devote greater attention to development and to constructive endeavour. He had a dream of creating an atmosphere of international peace and harmony.


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The United Nations must also reject and repudiate the recent efforts by Israel to alter further the demographic character of the territories occupied through new settlements on the West Bank and, in Gaza. In the wider context, India welcomes the continuing search for detente-detente not only in Europe but everywhere-so that the benefits flowing from it can be enjoyed by all.

We hope that the Security Council resolution adopted bihafi on the subject, resolutionwill lead to a ceasefire and eventually to a solution of the problem.

The transfer of resources and technology has never been sufficient to correct the accentuated disparities. Born on 25th DecemberShri.

The relationship crumbled mlilennium, as the Congress party accused him of spying on Rajiv Gandhi, their leader at that time. In many cases, what is being given by one hand is being taken away by the other. All peoples and States in the region have the right to live in peace and harmony with their neighbours.

He was not only an honest politician but was an exceptional poet. Waldheim for his thought-provoking report to the Assembly in which he has candidly drawn attention to the challenging tasks that mjllennium ahead.

essay atal bihari vajpayee the leader of millennium

Additionally, Singh faced secessionist movements in the states of Punjab and Kashmir. The problem of oil-importing developing countries is so serious that they can look forward to nothing but mounting debts for survival.