He hailed from Randombe, a village sandwiched between Balapitiya and Ambalangoda. During his year period as Minister of Education, he also upgraded ancient pirivenas, educational establishments for Buddhist monks, and established the University of Ceylon, the first University in Sri Lanka. While he laid emphasis on teaching Swabasha native languages in schools, he also advised that students should learn English to compete in the modern world. There was also a public campaign launched by Dr. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the news on their Instagram account. He was a child of 12 years when his father lost his job.

After noticing that Kannangara won most of the available prizes, he is said to have remarked ” Son, you may have to hire a bullock cart to take home the books you collected at this prize giving. I opened a book, which was closed all this time. Senanayake , the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Archived from the original on 22 January Kannangara – Father Of Free Education. Kannangara was then appointed Ambassador to Indonesia, a post in which he served from to

C. W. W. Kannangara – the father of free education

June 4, at 9: The Avengers, abput to be forgotten. Notify me of new comments via email. He also served as the President of the Ceylon National Congress.

He was re-elected the following year polling 4, votes, opposed to for his nearest opponent. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: As Minister of Education in the State Council, Kannangara introduced extensive reforms to the education system of Sri Lanka throughout the s. The sandy soil which marks my foot print Just as I jog with the spotted splint My ruined legs washed by the wave Feel Born October 13, Anonymous July 28, at 7: A statue of C.


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The true meaning of equality is knowing that all of AmarasuriyaDudley SenanayakeJ. In he was elected to the State Council as the member for Galle. After that he attended Welsiyan School in Ambalangoda.

essay about cww kannangara

Kannangara who was 60 years old when he introduced the Free Education Scheme lived long till the age of 85 and was able to see the fruits of his remarkable endeavour and take pride in his achievement. Kannangara’s strong interests were not confined only to the spread of free education.

C. W. W. Kannangara

Senanayake and Arthur V. These took high quality secondary education kannahgara the rural outstations of the country. Kannangara was appointed as the first chairman of the Executive Committee of Education in the State Council and thus became the first Minister of Education of Sri Lanka in Pererathe founder of the popular local school Sri Palee College. The rich with money influence and better English would have easily out rivalled the poor in various fields. It is a religious festival celebrated by the Buddhists all over Eessay Kannangara also launched an annual scholarship program, which kannangara the opportunity for the 20 best performers of the scholarship exam to get free board and lodging in Central School hostels.

The greatest talent a Politician can have is, the ability to convey sincerity. Related Articles Vesak festival.

Daily Mirror – C. W. W. Kannangara – the father of free education

Senanayake and Arthur V. His Mission was to give a wide breadth of Educational Experiences through the establishment of Central School, which provided opportunities to them to develop their intellectual capacitiescreativity and humanness. They are a threat to the free education.


He was instrumental in bringing a social revolution by granting Free Education to all, from Primary to the University. Kannangara passed away on September 23,25 years after presenting his significant and far reaching piece of legislation, the Free Education Scheme. Kannangara was instrumental in personally, choosing broad- mindedable, scholarly individuals as Principals of these Central Schools.

: gara – Father Of Free Education

Kannangara would be venerated by the people in Sri Lanka. Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka.

essay about cww kannangara

He therefore urged that all Buddhists should back the Society in every way in order to help it to establish the Buddhasasana firmly in Germany He showed his unstinting support for the cause of Buddhist missionary work in the West by attending several of the public meetings of this Society namely the launch of the One Million Rupee Fund Dasa Laksha Aramudala held at the Colombo Town Hall on September 6, which was presided by Hon.

Kannangara proposed that central schools be modelled upon Royal College, Colombo, one of the leading schools in the country.