By Kasyfi Mohamad Nor. We will write a custom essay on Business: From Saga to Proton ;. The last key issue will be solved when the first 4 issues are addressed. Support your discussion with case evidences.

However, it must be noted that this strategy will only work when the key issues above are addressed. The first factor affecting the likelihood of Perodua taking competitive actions in the industry is the first-mover incentives. Proton Motors products generally lack differentiation and were deemed to be inferior to other brands in terms of safety and quality. If Proton wishes to continue with the current strategy, they must start to develop new core competencies in manufacturing and management information systems. Proton Case Study Essay Using only preceding analysis identify 5 key issues that will weigh into the future strategic decision of Proton and formulate corresponding strategies that will help the company regain its market leader position. From the case study, it was shown that the market segment that Proton initially focused on is the sub-compact passenger vehicles and specifically on engine size from 1, to 1, c.

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eg&g proton case study

With these considerations, it is recommended that Proton continue to target the broad market and lowest cost. Harga Service Proton Saga.


However, the domestic market for conventional passenger car is closing to saturation and there is a need for Perodua to explore new market segments in the domestic market to continue to be profitable. The numbers of competitors for Proton Motors is relatively low with the other national brand as the main competitor.

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In order for cost leadership strategy to work, there must be some forms of competitive levels of differentiation that creates values for their customers.

eg&g proton case study

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Free essay on Case Study: While the cost of switching is relatively low for customers to switch to other forms of transportation, the comfort and convenience level offered by these substitute products are low.

Written by View all posts by: Invested in highway networks connecting all inland cities and neighbouring countries. The most Proton problem eg&f never study before rolling out the Inthere were closed to 2, car dealers in Malaysia and majority of them sell national brand vehicles.

If the company is unable to produce a hybrid model that will commensurate with its reputation and brand image, they will not be likely to launch the competitive actions protton Proton, and the reverse is true.

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We find ourselves back again in micromerism. With all these in mind, it is assessed that the barriers to entry into the Malaysia Automotive market is high, or the threat of new entrants is low.

eg&g proton case study

My doctor said it was “malaria” upper division writing exam sample essays with me. While hybrid cars presents a new opportunity in the saturated domestic market, the new market segment is still relatively small to sustain the business in the long term. Finally, determine which business level strategy to adopt, Proton needs to consider the market size required stidy sustain its business and the fact that the majority of the population has only medium income.

Eg&g proton case study

From Saga to Proton Essay We will write a custom essay on Business: Leave a comment Click here to cancel reply. The novel, then, must what should your college essay look like be pure literature; as much so as the poem.

As such there is very little product differentiation. Finally, the abilities of both companies will be taken into considerations when analysing the competitive behaviour.

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