The candidates and the searcher must do certain challenges first before the candidate can step forward. The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Doctor Jones ” by Danish dance-pop group Aqua after its release in It is a sponsored segment intended to promote the American musical comedy film Can’t Stop the Music as well as to hype up the Village People’s concert then in Manila. The viewers must text the six-digit combination that the segment will display on screen. If the first player is unable to provide the correct response, the other player is given a chance to answer. In a pool of contestants, five lucky contestants will be asked a question and will be able pick one of the five gift boxes that the Eat Bulaga! The Better round deals with a second physical challenge against a studio audience member.

In the event of bad weather, the studio hosts select seven entries. It is a game segment sponsored by Puregold for the sponsor’s 12th anniversary celebration in Retrieved 18 July The hosts are divided into four caroling groups, while the home viewers are asked to vote for the group with the best performance. It was one of the many segments of Eat Bulaga!.

The second challenge is aaugust matching game, the candidates and the searcher must choose from 2 choices regarding random questions regarding their likes through writing on a portable whiteboard. Miss Gay Philippines is one of Eat Bulaga!

The winning barangays will win a Christmas package and prizes from the show’s sponsors. The group with the least reaction during the game wins. The referee, Felipe Tauro, became a notable personality of the segment due to his Visayan accent when he says the word “Pwisto! The highlight of the competition are the funny antics of the five contestants during the introductory portion, the talent portion, and the question-and-answer portion.

eat bulaga problem solving august 21 2015

The following is an incomplete list of the segments of Eat Bulaga! Each Dabarkads is accompanied by a well-known dance group.


eat bulaga problem solving august 21 2015

Everyone who is holding a ball in that color automatically receives a small cash prize. The only difference between ACTually and I Object is the theme and the setting, and that both teams must now require to mention the use and function of the object. It is one of the first beauty pageants for women to be made as a segment on a noontime television program.

It is one of Eat Bulaga’s advocacy projects where they build or renovate classrooms and libraries and provide school materials on different parts of the Philippines. Retrieved August 31, It serves as a promotional segment for the romantic film Moments of Lovewhich stars Dingdong DantesIza Calzadoand Karylle. Each question has several answer choices based on different categories people, entertainment, showbiz, music, etc.

As of present, there are 3 original members left, as some of them either joined other groups, married and in the case of EB Babe Maiko, she died in a drowning accident. The lucky contestant who picks the box that holds the key to the jackpot round wins. Eat Bulaga has raised P14 million from ticket sales from the “Tamang Panahon” concert for its library project.

As slving of its commitment to give back for its 30th anniversary celebration, Eat Bulaga! It is a selfie contest sponsored by the convenience store All Day. For the third round, the contestant will spin 3 giant roulette wheels which will randomly determine the total cash prize that the contestant will win.

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They are judged by how well solvingg time their dance to the patterns presented to them. The portion was later revived when Lunch Date was able to briefly overtake Eat Bulaga!

eat bulaga problem solving august 21 2015

Xolving relieved from CIDG due to alleged connection to illegal drug trade. Participants watching on television must comment the correct answer, along with a code augus will be given by the program, on the designated Facebook post from the official Facebook page of Eat Bulaga! After 221 personally met in September and Yaya Dub was later allowed to speak, the couple’s interaction is no longer limited to split screen and lip-syncing.


Each team is led by two gay celebrities who are regular guests of the segment. The winner is the team with the highest score.

However, the clue-giver may not say a direct translation of the word, give its antonym, state the first letter the word starts with, or say part of the word in the clue. It is a talent search in the barangay for people ages 18 to 25 years old. While a lot of tweets came from the Philippines, there was a large number of tweets from the East and West Coasts of the U.

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It also became popular dat of the performances of its in-house dancers, the SexBomb Girlsand their famous chants during the jackpot round. A minute to 1-hour soap opera parody entitled Kalyeserye literally translated as “street series” was created within the “Juan for All, All for Juan”s segment for the tandem, featuring live improv acting from the AlDub supercouple and its additional characters—Filipino comedians Wally Bayola primarily as Lola NidoraJose Manalo primarily as Lola Tinidoraand Paolo Ballesteros primarily as Lola Tidora as various characters.

On Instagram, she has 2. The bomb will not detonate solvjng the player cut the correct wire that correspond to the correct choice in the question and the result says “Correct”. The new batch will also receive financial help and educational assistance from the show throughout their four years in high school.