The Grapes of Wrath. Whether she is writing about bats, bees, procupines, or wolves, contemplating the mysteries of caves, or delving into the traditions, beliefs, and myths of Native American cultures, Linda Hogan expresses a deep reverence for the dwelling we all share–the Earth. This collection of essays was profoundly transformative for me. Hogan shares with Vicki Hearne a summons to redefine our relationship with animals based on kinship and listening rather than separation and denial. Their fur, in the springtime, was misted with dewy rain. Her insights into the relationships between living creatures and our own souls is anchored in places and in specific experiences—with hot springs in a cave, or at work at a bird sanctuary. All About Ants almost.

I just finished reading this book, which is so beautifully and gracefully written. Jan 10, Eric rated it really liked it. A Spiritual History discussion. Something in our human blood is still searching for it, still remembering, still listening. Its Prologue provides a good, brief historical overview of the rise of nineteenth-century interest in nature and wilderness.

Thunder rides a blck horse. This had an effect on me because I never really thought twice about killing an ant or having guilt for killing an ant. Poet and novelist Hogan, a member of the Chickasaw tribe, writes of the spirituality inherent in the natural world. Hogan telescopes or microscopes in and out, from these sorts of details in a finite space and time as above, to the geological time it takes for water to carve a canyon through a hill, and what layers of life burrow their way into what is now cliff face.


Linda Hogan Dwellings

One of the best sets of essays I have ever read. She dwelilngs that this was a bridge between the elements earth, fire, water, and air and also a bridge between people in caring for one another. It’s important to be mindful, Hogan is telling us, to live mindfully, to respect all life, as we are connected to them as they are to us.

dwellings essay by linda hogan

Her work centers on the world of Native peoples, from both her own indigenous perspective and that of others. I have read this book before, and re-reading it brought me the same sense of wonder and discovery as the first time, like going to a sacred and special place in nature that I can never tire of. Symbolism in Grapes of Wrath. Hogan uses tremendous imagery here, just like in her poetry.

Dwellings – Linda Hogan

She makes up for this vagueness in intensity and imaginative power; true to her philosophy and profession, Hogan meets the organic demands of poetry in her first book of essays. A Spiritual History discussion.

dwellings essay by linda hogan

Oct 18, Jasiel79 rated it it was amazing. If I had my own copy, I would have dog-eared so many pages.

dwellings essay by linda hogan

It is different from a lot of novels I have read and I appreciated higan uniqueness! Garrett Hardin in Lifeboat Ethics: Click here to order this book.

Dwellings: A Spiritual History of the Living World

How do we acknowledge that all things are connected and destruction of or disconnection with any one part harms all of the others? Aug 21, Bill Blocksom rated it it was amazing. Whichever road I follow, I walk in the land of many gods, and they love and eat one another.


I love this book so much. A rwellings passage from a chapter about working in a raptor rehabilitation center: Mar 18, Claudia rated it really liked it Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The book deserves its National Book Award nomination. The essays tend to flow together more than they stand bg from one another, and the experience of reading the book is immersive rather than linear. But no matter what direction the quest for separation might take, there has been a narrowing down of the difference between species, and we are forced to ask ourselves once wonderful book of reminiscences from a native American writer.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. One of my favorite things about this novel was learning the random bits of fact that were woven into Hogan’s essays. She has acted as ,inda consultant in bringing together Native tribal representatives and feminist themes, particularly allying them to her Native ancestry. I will probably read this book over and over again throughout the course of my life because it is so incredibly beautiful. Dwellings is a beautiful and lyrical book of wonder.

Mar 30, Becky Norman rated it liked it. The Grapes of Wrath.