It’s hard not to trust Douglas Rushkoff immediately from just speaking to him. References to media ecologist and Toronto School of Communication founder Marshall McLuhan appear throughout Rushkoff’s work as a focus on media over content, the effects of media on popular culture and the level at which people participate when consuming media. Mavis Staples has witnessed the great transformations that have been made in terms of race relations in American life. The first is, technique, the what if of nonfiction, and making that a realized world of fiction. Douglas Mark Rushkoff born February 18, is an American media theorist , writer, columnist, lecturer, graphic novelist, and documentarian. With Coercion , Rushkoff realistically examines the potential benefits and dangers inherent in cyberculture and analyzes market strategies that work to make people act on instinct and buy! Douglas’ insight lies in his being able to step out of this binaried-opposition and refuse the either-or the situation seems to demand.

Writing a novel this way is one thing, but a doctoral thesis will likely not be granted as much license. Where do they start, where do they end, what is the moment of maximum intimacy? It’s especially hard to shift between being a world-class media theorist writing nonfiction, and a writer of fiction. Edgar Allan Poe’s 10 Best Stories. Viewing everything except for intention as media, he frequently explores the themes of how to make media interactive, how to help people especially children effectively analyze and question the media they consume, as well as how to cultivate intention and agency.

Rushkoff worked with both Robert Anton Wilson [28] and Timothy Leary on developing philosophical systems to explain consciousness, its interaction with technology, and social evolution of the human species, and references both consistently in his work. Douglas’ insight lies in his being able to step out of this binaried-opposition and refuse the either-or the situation seems to demand.


Douglas Rushkoff

InRushkoff was awarded the Marshall McLuhan Award by the Media Ecology Association for his book Coercionand became a member and sat on the board of directors of that organization. Sasha Shulgin Public Figure.

But this perspective misconstrues the theories dougoas Darwin as well as his successors.

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And we see our world through the eyes of these ADD kids. Like we’ve stepped into the middle of a great cultural shift, xissertation we’ve caught Superman in that supply closet, changing back into Clark. Everything that happens has an organic impact on who they are”.

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And in doing so, the relationship of the nonfiction to the fiction is that the nonfiction helps me figure out, what is actually going on here, what is actually happening in the world. Terrific, and congrats on getting the bugger finally through the gauntlet! Thanks for the thoughts, Ben, and for checking out my methods. And one of the secret architects of the kind of criticism that is now shifting to the core of interpreting our progressive easing into digital culture.

The promise of dissertaion resulting “counter culture” was that media would change from being passive to active, that we would embrace the social over content, and that empowers the masses to create and react. We begin the interview about his newest fiction, ADD Adolescent Demo Division, though strangely reminiscent of Attention Deficit Disorderby talking about his doctoral dissertation currently underway. They continued to do so up to about a year after the dissertation was formally defended when dissertatuon form code broke down through several ISP moves.

To practice this out in the open is an entirely different thing. That we accept a set of assumptions, we accept these creations, these rules as if they were nature. That you realize in a real, concrete situation rather than an abstract one. Terry Eagleton’s Humor wisely makes no argument beyond a survey of all the ways one can debunk dogulas portion of all preceding theories of humor.


The Future Is a Faded Song: Douglas Rushkoff on the Groundbreaking “ADD”

Only the strongest ones survive to pass on their superior genes, while the weak deserve to lose and die out. Two in particular gave me close, comma-level feedback on every single section and link, BEFORE my committee ever got a hold of it. Retrieved on May 3, Everyone seemed to think it would be better to do this as a graphic novel than as a series. But Vertov’s films weren’t documentaries, rather they were meant as entertainment.

douglas rushkoff dissertation

Veteran electronic artist Stubbleman uses piano, bass, and synths to document America on Mountains and Plains. A dissertation that requires a digital environment, whether to employ unconventional structures e. This significant work adopts organic metaphors to show that media, like viruses, are mobile, easily duplicated and presented as non-threatening.

Rushkoff has long been skeptical of social media. This would take on an Incredible Hulk kind of quality–each part rushkorf see them save another kid or town or something with their semi-superhero kind of abilities.

There’s so many different timelines dlssertation work, that if you’re trying to tell a complex story, it would be really, really difficult.

douglas rushkoff dissertation

While I suspect the Dutch are more amenable to new forms, only two born-digital dissertations have ever been accepted by American universities: What’s the relationship between the scope of this dissertation and his fiction? The Media Squat with Douglas Rushkoff”. Hear the new single “Flooded Candle Flickering Flame”. Archived from the original on September 29,