We compiled a brief summary of the most important information for you. You have questions about your application or your studies? You also require consent from the supervising professor to complete a PhD in English. Central Institute of Continuing Education. There is a wide variety of study programmes at the UdK Berlin where a doctoral degree is possible. In this context, she is investigating decolonial artistic strategies.

She has been a research student since October until March In such cases, the doctoral candidate must independently acquire the PhD degree and seek a direct supervisor at a university. This project engages selected strands of theory from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries that found epistemes of their own—not only at the level of language but, beyond that, through the specificities of their media and aesthetics—and whose non-discursive dimensions often remain a blind-spot in their academic reception. You have questions about your application or your studies? Obtaining a doctorate degree in one of these programmes involves following a mandatory curriculum in the form of specialised and cross-disciplinary course elements meetings, courses, conferences or other activities that must be attended and completed during the doctoral stage in addition to work on your thesis project. Art and Feminism in Poland during the Nineteen-Seventies working title.

Faculty regulations governing doctoral degrees define the formal prerequisites for completing a doctoral degree. The architectural model in design processes of post-war modernism Dynamic Sequences: She has been a research student since October until March By being accepted into a structured programme, doctoral candidates commit to write their thesis at the university where the structured doctoral programme is located.


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Funding for the doctorate must be acquired disserttation by the candidate. The Aesthetics of the EU: You are not eligible for doctoral studies if your degree is solely art-based. If admitted by the university, applicants may enrol as doctoral students at the UdK Berlin. The PhD disertation at the individual faculties are responsible for implementing the doctoral procedures.

At the center of my dissertation project are methodological questions that investigate the connection between images and knowledge production as a decolonial praxis.

Each faculty’s regulations governing doctoral degrees are available here: For more detailed information, please change to the German version of this website. On the Question of Representation in governance in the Production of Space in Brussels working title. The Research Training Group is running until March There is a wide variety of study programmes at the UdK Berlin where a doctoral degree is possible.

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We also offer guided tours where you will be introduced to the practice by means of research exercises. Read about the publishing policy or inform yourself how to publish your dissertation online.

This research project focuses on images of youth in theater pedagogy. Doctoral theses in English are possible at the UdK Berlin based on each faculty’s regulations governing doctoral degrees.

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You have questions about your application or your studies? After being trained as a technical assistant in the area of graphic design Johanna Heyne studied art history and theater studies. The primary supervisor must therefore be a uek from berlkn leadership team of the structured doctoral programme. This dissertation project deals with the relation between music and economy in so-called state socialism during the Cold War. The thematic framework for this dissertation is the question of designing living dissertatuon in the face of climatic, technological, and social changes.


Information about the lending procedure, reservations, reminders, work areas and equipment within the library, the media library, semester equipment and various services. The central task is to come up with and present in writing new academic findings in coordination with the supervisor.

dissertation udk berlin

Structured doctoral degree programmes are temporary research programmes such as a Research Training Group, Cluster of Excellence or a collaborative research centre. Knowledge and Politics of Precarious Substances. Faculty uck Fine Arts.

Often the candidate in these programmes is supervised by not just one supervisor, but rather a committee of several individuals. Can feminism exist in a socialist state such as Poland?

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Independently contact the primary supervisor and ask if they are willing to serve as the primary supervisor. Analysis of a Construct in Theater Pedagogy — International Music Dissemination Projects: On the following pages you will find information about the University library, its history, building, job vacancies and contact details. The Pharmacology of Science Fiction:

dissertation udk berlin