It is of great relevance to study the specific relations between migration and the domestic and care labours. Before there used to be three in Madrid city, one in Alcorcon and another one in Coslada cities of the Community of Madrid where many Romanians live. Nonetheless, according to Domingo et al. Firstly, the specific situation of Romania and its transitional and integration process into the EU. In this sense, three main sections have been distinguished: Thus, most of them bought a flat right before the economic crisis started Florina, Flavia, Maria, Sara. In this sense, the economic crisis did not further downgraded or deskilled them as they all accessed the labour market through the domestic and care sector.

You cannot imagine how I started crying… look lady I am here to help my children, I came here to help my children! All women started to work in the irregular labour market where a formal contract was not required. Recent Developments and Outlook. Still there was a difference with, for example, Polish women who were mainly working in the private informal domestic sector cleaning houses without being insured in the social security. In Spanish there is an implicit hierarchical connotation. Native level of Spanish considered as when someone express herself fluently even with proverbs and the foreign accent is almost unnoticeable. The tolerance for informality in the economy is greater in Spain than in other European countries Hobson et al.


And you are suddenly here cleaning houses, it is a big shock. In summary, even though the institutional framework, regarding paid domestic and care work, represents an extension of social citizenship, it implies at the same time many exclusionary effects. Transnationalism highlights multiples forms of migration that allows staying connected and participating actively in both home and host country in the political, economic, social and cultural spheres Portes, ; Faist, On saskai other side, it makes you continually rethink on the topic kldenburg the research question s themselves.


In order to acknowledge the degrees you have to save money and that is the main goal, to save money. In this sense, the minimum criteria was as follows: For instance, many women took the fact of renewing the papers with the employer as a personal favour and it became a burden which does not let them leave the house Arranz, p. Andra also acknowledged describing it as: Migrants create networks across political borders in search of economies and social advancements ibid.

In order to contextualize the reasons and decisions to move out, the main events that took place in that period are going to be briefly outline. When we dissertatjon the interview, she was going through the organizational and bureaucratic process of sorting out her retirement as she was moving back to Romania. Qualifications translated and acknowledged: I just thought a mother of a three years oldenbueg kid does not care so much on the language but on how is he taken care.

How was their access into the Spanish labour market regarding both their attitudes and the institutional processes that have influenced it? Therefore there are difficulties to not to relate domestic work with altruism and love, rather than with economic interests. Florina did not bring her kids to Spain as she had an irregular legal status for six years. Feeling inferior and insecure also act as an invisible barrier that influences their labour im mobilities.

Thus, all interviews have been afterwards transcribed and analyzed letting the main concepts and categories to flow out of the interviews in order to structure this study. For instance, Dorina, chemical engineer, financed herself a vocational training course on pharmaceutical assistant as soon as she regularized oldenbueg Therefore, NEMo will create new mobility services, where citizens become mobility provider.

Their narratives are supported by secondary nature interpretation of policies and literature.

— Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Therefore concepts such brain drain, care drain and care gain have been defined. Which were my responsibilities?


Sazkia who were before stuck in Schengen countries had since then the chance of returning to their countries10 Marcu. One of the research requirements was that all participants should have had a superior specific education.

dissertation saskia oldenburg

Why oldenbburg they here? Nonetheless, I would also like to point out that this is not an ethnography or an ethnographic study but rather a study with an ethnographic approach. Firstly professional women are working in sectors that are different than their original training.

dissertation saskia oldenburg

Secondly, what were their objectives, expectations and attitudes towards their migratory project regarding the working opportunities. Life Story Interviews Cluster 2. By explaining them clearly the purpose and research question of the interviews — how is the access to the Spanish labour market of Romanian qualified women in Madrid and their further careers?

Many of them work hourly for different employers and do not reach the minimum requirement of 60 hours per month working for the same employer in order to be obligatory to have a formal contract.

The project coordinator sasjia the event together with the GIZ German Corporation for International Cooperation and defined all relevant project milestones. For daskia and receiving countries, the contribution opdenburg women migrants can quite literally transform quality of life.

Nonetheless, in other parts of the world it is constructed by ethnic, religious, cultural, linguistic or gender patterns Grosfoguel et al. In this sense, the most relevant aspects regarding the relation with the disseetation and with herself are here identified. The arrival medium age was 34 and the current medium age is