Chair of Physical Metallurgy and Metallic Materials. Chair of Conveying Technology. Open Embargoed Closed Indeterminate None. CD-Laboratory for high efficient composite processing. Department of Environmental and Energy Process Engineering.

Choose year to Choose year Chair of Resource Mineralogy. Chair of Information Technology. Chair of Economic- and Business Management. Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy.

Stabler according to the requirements set out in the announcement. Scholarship for international students. Priority is given to students in the final stage of their programme.

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Chair of Resource Mineralogy. Department Physical Metallurgy and Materials Testing. Application documents are to be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Studies. Montanunivrrsität scholarships are aimed at students who not only achieve outstanding results, but are also considered to be good representatives of the university for a stay abroad.

Department Polymer Engineering and Science. Debinding montanuniverstät of feedstock for material extrusion additive manufacturing of zirconia Kukla, C. Chair of Atomistic Modelling and Design of Materials. Chair of Subsurface Engineering.


Institute of Structural and Functional Ceramics. Choose year to Choose year Exxon Mobil foreign exchange scholarship.

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Mitteilungsblatt according to the law on student funding. Vehicle industry anniversary scholarship. Wirtschaftskammer Lelben, German abbreviation: Chair of Materials Science and Testing of Polymers.

On the mean stress sensitivity of cast aluminium considering imperfections Aigner, R.

Department Werkstoffwissenschaft

Chair of Simulation and Modelling of Metallurgical Processes. Chair of Computational Geometry. Chair of Dissertatioj Metallurgy and Metallic Materials. For more information, please contact Univ. Microbial production of high value molecules using rayon waste material as carbon-source Vecchiato, S. Department Applied Geosciences and Geophysics. Department of Environmental and Energy Process Engineering. Application documents are to be submitted to the Office of the Rectorate Ms.

dissertation montanuniversität leoben

Mitteilungsblatt; German title of the Mitteilungsblatt: Chair of Energy Network Technology. Journal of Applied Polymer Science.

Chair of Polymer Processing. Chair of Materials Physics.

Chair of Mineral Processing

The aim of the support scholarship is to provide financial aid to degree programme students for ongoing theses or dissertations that involve an above-average financial outlay e. Investigating sluggish diffusion in a monyanuniversität solid solution alloy using ion irradiation with in situ TEM Tunes, M. The Chair of Industrial Logistics provides information regarding applications. Chair of Design of Steels.


dissertation montanuniversität leoben

Chair of Applied Geophysics.