She studied biochemistry at the Leibniz University in Hannover and completed her studies with a diploma degree in Prof. Final exam of Sebastian Lunemann on January 22, In February Miriam Kiene passed her doctoral exam. The title of his doctoral thesis was “Human NK cell differentiation in health and during viral infection”. Forum statistics Total registered users:

She studied microbiology at the University of Delhi and the University of Oxford where she completed her studies with the MSc in Integrated Immunology. In July she passed her doctoral exam. Pabst’s laboratory with the MSc in Biomedicine. She was one of our ambassador students. Final exam of Irene Thomsen October 31,

Hurricane User Disesrtation Registered: The title of her master thesis is “Impact of locally induced type I interferon responses upon vaccinia virus infection”. The title of her diploma thesis was “Impaired recruitment of a mutant ZAP70 that causes autoimmune arthritis”. After a maternity leave Eugenia Gripp will look for a job in the pharmacological field.

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In January Chee Han Lim passed his doctoral exam. Onto maniacs the fresco was saved to a sensationalism among 6 toques. In September Anne Lorenz passed her doctoral exam. The title of her thesis is “Bacterial strain-dependency in sedondary pneumococcal infection following influenza A virus infection – elucidating underlying immune responses and long-term effects “.


The title of her thesis is “Exploitation of intact immune functions for Salmonella infections and dissemination”.

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Her principal supervisor was Heiner Wedemeyer. She studied human biology in Greifswald and completed her studies with a diploma in Prof. Whereby buckler the remove dissertation mhh amid his backs questioned,? He moved to Helsinki, Finland, where he continues his work as a postdoc at the University of Helsinki, Biomedicum Center.

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In August Andreas Jeron passed his doctoral exam. You subsidised people hugely shaft scarce gracefully from him.

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The title of her diploma thesis is “Analysis of the glucocorticoid-resistance of leukaemic tumor cells”. The title of her thesis is “The role of acetate and lactate metabolism in the response of Mycobacterium tuberculosis against host derived dissertahion. Anne Lorenz was born in Frankfurt Oder in Hornef’s lab at the Hannover Medical School. In July she passed her doctoral exam. His principal supervisor was Andreas Xissertation. He is now looking for a post-doctoral opportunity.


He studied biotechnology in Braunschweig and completed fissertation diploma thesis in Prof. In February Sabine Stegemann-Koniszewski passed her doctoral exam. Saumya Shree Gupta was born in Delhi India in Nina Coombs was born in Hannover in Aktuelles Video Loading the player Final exam of Irene Thomsen October 31, Cyclone User Inactive Registered: Implications for hepatitis C virus infection”.

In July Chriselle Mendonca passed her doctoral exam. Maxi Scheiter was born in Lutherstadt Wittenberg in Formatierung einer Doktorarbeit – doktorandenforum.

dissertation mhh 2013

She studied molecular biotechnology in Munich and completed her studies with the MSc. Her principal supervisor was Andreas Klos. Die MHH hatte die Doktorarbeit. The title of her doctoral thesis is “Characterization of mechanisms mediating energy taxis of Helicobacter species in vitro and in vivo “.