If unconstrained materiality is rendered fictional, and as an object of fantasy, this is by no means to be taken in a pejorative sense. Dans son luxe royal, la nouvelle chambre resplendissait. In this respect, it emphasizes the options offered by female protagonists for these three male creators: Desire, void and destructions permeates the novel and define the almost frenzied way in which the plot unravels. From time to time, the narrator will tell us that she sees herself as a good girl, or that she is suddenly struck by maternal love for her quite forsaken little boy.

In chapter II, the focus shifts to Nana; the setting is her apartment on the day following her debut. Desire is not a striving toward the possession of an object, but rather a movement of return toward an elusive origin, an unraveling of the structure of the subject. Reading for the Plot: In chapter two I move on to Madame Bovary, emphasizing here how fiction plays a significant role in the plot. As the introduction to the English Norton Edition dryly begins:

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With Barad, material configuration is always a product of specific relations, of power, of sociality and of material constraints. Nana is nature that performs; she is matter set in motion, definitely not by a male intentionality or reason but rather by herself.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Everything is not visible at the same time; everything is not categorized as comprehensible speech. I am seeking neither to conceive of, nor challenge any strict definition of them, and the artworks I analyze adhere to most of the common markers of fiction. Dde she appears nude on the stage in the first chapter, she is compared to marble, possibly one of the most inert images available, and usually associated with a classic, everlasting beauty: In the end she only craves destruction, for herself and for the whole of society.


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I initiate by summarizing some of the key points from the previous chapters, and then I go on to explore the problems they highlight. Simultaneously the moments of feminine jouissance hint at the state of the impersonal flow of life for Joe and Emma: On Politics and Aesthetics, edited by Steve Corcoran, 27— However, no matter how much money Nana acquires access toit is never enough and in addition she destroys whatever value she obtains.

A Political Ecology of Things. However, I would suggest, invoking points from both Bronfen and Starobinski, that this can be further qualified: Sound and image are thus from the outset disconnected but as the sequence moves on they gradually become linked, and we are shown some of the sources of sound.

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The orgasm is of her own body; it is the enjoyment that the institution of Law and punishment cannot eradicate, her secret possibility of going beyond.

Desire is not a striving toward the possession of an object, but rather a movement of return toward an elusive origin, an unraveling of the structure of the subject. To Nana, though, his most significant feature, aside from his money, is his being a bore. It aims neither at life nor death. Materiality, here, is longed for and used to write with; she writes her life and narrative in accordance with the novels she reads, but the writing is done with her body and with things and props, as well as letters and language.

dissertation madame bovary moeurs de province

Fictionality, Truth and the Real Nana relies greatly on matters of myth and allusions to this framework are frequent. Barad, Karen, and Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev. She never achieves a luxury similar to what Nana enjoys in the second bbovary of the novel, and though she embodies a death wish very literally as the only suicidal character of the three, she does not generally destroy the materiality or the structures around her.


In chapter two I move on to Madame Bovary, emphasizing here how fiction plays a moeues role in the plot. Sex and Category in Roman Religion.

Contexts, Critical Reception, by Gustave Flaubert, — The deliberate emphasis on the fictional quality of the works serves to underscore the constructedness of the narratives while running counter to the particularity of the individual story. Thus, it denotes both the excess nadame the series of signifiers the signifier without signified and the lack of the signified the point of non-sense within the series of sense.

In the masochistic situation, the victim speaks through the torturer: I use the French text for my close readings of Flaubert and Zola.

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There are two fundamental ways of doing this: Now she becomes the provnce who whips the guilty. The notion of the femme fatale is thus linked to a loss of control. In a witty collage of how she lies to the men she sleeps with, the inverse relation between the honesty of her utterances and her seductions is underscored.

A Norton Critical Edition. In this precise sense, one could say that the Stoics, Husserl, etc. I initiate with an analysis of Nana, focusing mainly on desire, destruction and lack in the text and how they run parallel to animal imagery and the motif of flesh.

As such, I believe these three characters exhibit interesting qualities: