Experiment 2 was conducted on a dairy farm with approximately cows and a rolling herd average of approximataly kg. In one case, only the 4th caudal abdominal mammary gland and the 5th inguinal mammary gland were surgically removed from both mammary chains, in one other case only one mammary gland with a tumour and in a third case only the suspicious tumour were surgically removed. Fragen und Kommentare an: Pre-treatment of spermatozoa with PTX, membrane preparation and subsequent metabolic marking confirmed the speculation that PTX is unable to ADP-ribosylate and thus functionally inactivate Gi-proteins. The surgical preparations were pathologo – anatomically examined. Leo Brunnberg Third Referee: The clinical cure rate was

These findings implicated PTX might not be able to cross the plasma membrane of intact mammalian spermatozoa during capacitation and thus is unable to carry out ADP-ribosylation of Gi-proteins. The concentration of lactoferrin was significantly lower in quarters with only limited tissue alterations than in quarters with medium or severe alterations p. The antimicrobial activity in milk has been described by many authors. Because only fully capacitated spermatozoa can bind to the zona pellucida, this assay allows to assess capacitation as a functional parameter. Activity of the LPS was determined spectrophotometrically Shindler et al. Experiment 2 was conducted on a dairy farm with approximately cows and a rolling herd average of approximataly kg.

The clinical cure rate was Crossbred dogs were most affected by the mammary tumors.

Ulrich Severin, PhDThesis, FU Berlin

Associated errors in sausage production are listed in entirity and hyperlinked with each other, in such a way that you can read through them in sequence. An exact diagnosis could only be made when using histological examination. Fragen und Kommentare an: This multimedia fi was conceived for vetmwd instruction at universities, universities for applied science, vocational schools, and technical training centres, but also as a practical help for the butcher? FU Berlin Digitale Dissertation.


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FU Berlin Digitale Dissertation. The clinical cure rate on day 14 was Clinical findings were recorded on days 0, 1, 2, 7, 14 and The following issues have been experienced during the creation of this programme: As the target group stretches from butcher?

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Unilateral- and in one case bilateral mastectomie was carried out between March and December Milk samples were cultured for microbiological investigation on days 0, 7, 14 and This body of work describes the berlib gained in developing the programme and documents the final results.

Concerning the distribution and number of single tumours in the mammary gland, all four test methods showed a constant pattern as follows: The following sonographic examination was carried out while the patients were lying on their backs. A final diagnosis of the primary multiplicity in an early stage is only possible when using histological examination.

It should be used after isolation of the causative agent and the determination of its antimicrobial resistance pattern. In this study it was evaluated whether lysozyme, lactoferrin and the lactoperoxidase-thiocyanate-peroxide system LPS could be the reason for negative culture results in samples for cases of clinical mastitis.

dissertation fu berlin vetmed

Johanna Plendl Dissertatiln Author: It could be established that PTX-treatment of spermatozoa from different species does not result in a functional uncoupling. The toxin probably cannot cross the intact plasma membrane and thus is not suitable to function as a cell biological tool to investigate the role of Gi-proteins in the zona pellucida-induced acrosome reaction.


Clinical cure rates did not differ between cases with and without no bacteria isolated.

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This “Encyclopedia of Terms” amounts to 12 printed pages. The concentrations or activities of the three factors were significantly higher in diseased quarters than in quarters without clinical signs of mastitis.

The entire text contains approximately printed pages.

The surgical preparations were pathologo – anatomically examined. Bull and boar spermatozoa capacitated in the presence of PTX attached to homologous zonae with comparable efficiency as did solvent-pretreated sperm. Abstract Table of Contents Vetmeed Information.

Der Dissertatino der Arbeit: The concentration of lysozyme increased with severity of the clinical signs local swelling and changes in secretion.

The results of this examination were compared with the results of the palpatoric, pathologic – anatomical and histological examination. Abstract nvestigations for ultrasonographic presentation of primary multiplicity of canine mammary tumours.

dissertation fu berlin vetmed

The “Information Programme for addressing imperfections in the production of sausages” has been developed to be a multimedia compendium of “sausage technology”. Expression of Gi-proteins was clearly confirmed in any of the species tested except for bovine spermatozoa. Food technology terms, however, represent key knowledge to be imparted, and for this reason the appropriate nomenclature has been deliberately included.