You don’t mention why you want to change from Al Mawakeb which generally has a good reputation and is one of the schools rated Good by the regulator. I do like it. We are planning to shift to Dubai and looking for best school for our daughter offering IB stream to continue her further studies. Dubai Nursery Dubai Nursery. I am moving to Dubai in a month’s time. I know this is a long way into the future, but these are questions that may help your decision.

They were accepted in both Kings and DAA. Any advice or recommendation is welcomed. The Best Indian Schools in Dubai, If you have the choice to choose between two schools which one you will go with: Dear Annonymous, I am sorry to learn about your concerns. Hi Hamza, The UK curriculum places more emphasis on research, application of knowledge and personal learning than the Indian curriculum where students tend to be provided with information and required to learn it and deliver it.

Will she be homewrok to examination, or her previous academic records will substantiate for her admission? Preparations were made in advance, for the accreditation purpose, and such schools got highly effective although it has never been one of their systems or school procedures to keep records or have parents’ council or even have displays in the school!

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I am relocating to Dubai in October Leadership and management were outstanding. You are correct, but the school is only Elementary at this point and dubia children involved are in High School. The award and punishment methods are very good to control people, but will destroy focus and interest. More information is available at www.


I want for each one of them to be confident in their gifts, and have the skills and self- awareness when they leave us xubai grow as young men and women, fulfilling their own dreams potential and ambition. Our sister site, WhichSchoolAdvisor. So I need professional comments and suggestions.

dess dubai homework

The overall quality of education provided by the school was found to be outstanding. We do know however that IB and UK curriculum schools scoring significantly higher than their peers and are already closing in on the benchmarks set in the UAE for Can someone please homeworo.

Could anyone suggest schools in dubai. In fact, VHP has a very clear direction and every development is very clearly dybai with purpose and clarity.

Best Schools in Dubai – And Why

The main area homewkrk improvement focuses around Arabic and Islamic Studies. Location Dubai Sports City, Dubai. Gems Wellington International School. As the comments above show, there are some very good US curriculum schools passionately supported by parents. There is a bubbly, brightness and lightness about the relationships between the Head, teachers and generally within the school.

Victory Heights Primary School, Dubai Sports City – The Review

What were the class sizes and mix of children? Are you a parentteacher or student? Don’t get me wrong, school standards are high and it was an eye opener to see what is being offered. Your selection Clear All. In both these areas Victory Heights Primary School has quite a story.


Best Schools in Dubai – And Why

Will it be hard to manage in UK curriculum if you studied in Indian curriculum? School leadership shines as something of a beacon for how an outstanding Head Teacher can achieve the extraordinary.

I’m looking for a good school with IB curriculum for my 5 year old son. Do you expect your son to go onto college? Victory Heights has the potential, and foundations in place, to be one of the best Primary schools in the UAE.

Victory Heights Primary School is genuinely committed to all children developing an appreciation of the cultural context of the school. The attention to detail is a stand-out feature of Victory Heights Primary School across its 1.

dess dubai homework

There is probably also more emphasis on independent learning and research in the UK curriculum and much of the learning in the early years is through a play-based approach. My daughter is going into grade 9 in Sept Note, these remain three homewogk Dubai’s very best schools, and their fall has to homewor, understood within the context of changes to the KHDA criteria – which may, or may not, be relevant to you as a parent.

They did particularly well in English, mathematics and science.