For instance, stockbrokers are required to identify their clients, to verify prescribed particulars and to maintain compliance functions. Such an exemption may also be granted in respect of categories of transactions. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that permission has been obtained for items included in DRO. The accused operated several illegal casinos and admitted to laundering the proceeds of the illegal gambling activity by entering into arrangements with certain people to hide the proceeds in offshore bank accounts in the Isle of Man and Jersey. See, in this respect, de Koker, L.

Single-frequency techniques were found to be the technique of choice in this population and it is recommended that the 40 Hz response is employed as a modulation frequency. Questionable cases must be re-assessed, increasing the cost of evaluations and the number of unproductive shifts. However, probably the most important relationship that must be nurtured is the relationship between the FIC and the business community. These offences carry a penalty of imprisonment for a period not exceeding 15 years or a fine not exceeding R10 million s. Braeckmans promotor , S. Van Rompaey – S. Raemdonck promotor , K.

If a person is convicted of the offence, the court tgesis, in addition to any punishment that may be imposed, declare the cash amount that should have been reported, to be forfeited to the state. Rejman ghesis Overcoming intracellular barriers in non-viral gene delivery: If a supervisory body fails to take adequate steps to ensure that a suspected contravention ceases or that the suspected failure is rectified, the FIC may, after appropriate consultation, take steps within the scope of its powers to remedy the matter.

Investigating the intracellular delivery of non-viral gene therapeutics: Directors and trustees of, or partners in, accountable institutions who are not also employees of accountable institutions are therefore afforded a defence against a charge of non- reporting if they report internally, but are not shielded from criminal liability for money laundering under POCA. Various terms used in ss. Any person who discloses confidential information held by or obtained from the FIC or who uses such information contrary to s.


de koker thesis

The Forum was founded in by individuals who were concerned about money laundering control in South Africa. An accountable institution must provide training to its employees to enable them to comply with FICA and the relevant internal rules. The minister may also, after consulting the MLAC and the FIC and on conditions and for a period deter- mined by the minister, exempt a person, an accountable institution or a category of persons or accountable institutions from compliance with a pro- vision of FICA.

The supervisory functions will be performed by the relevant supervisory bodies listed in Schedule 2 to FICA. The Institute has been very active in formulating industry standards relating to money laundering control and assisting in the development of relevant training courses.

Their businesses have maintained money laundering compliance programmes in the absence of statutory requirements to have such programmes.

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To this end, Fatima has recently returned from a fieldtrip to Bangladesh where she interviewed a total of 21 people including victims of trafficking, government officials and NGO workers. Such powers will have to be employed creatively to remedy those matters that supervisory bodies fail to address. Cancel Forgot your password? Azevedo promotorK.

de koker thesis

Please enter recipient e-mail address es. However, the practical effectiveness of the legislative framework will be determined by the way in which the legislation is implemented. Fluorescent labelling of DNA: Remaut promotor Unraveling microbubble-cell interactions and drug delivery mechanisms in ultrasound-guided therapy Pharm.


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The college winners compete at the University final in September, and the winners of the University competition go on to compete in New Zealand and Asia. Any money laundering activity in which a bank was involved and which was not identified and reported timeously, must be reported to the Registrar of Banks in terms of Regulation This Act regulates specific aspects of the conduct of trustees.

Wayteck – S.

Bagaric Mirko de Koker, Louis orcid. Sections 36 and 19 allow SARS to disclose information that was previously protected by its secrecy and confidentiality obligations.

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De Smedt -promotorN. Information may be provided to foreign entities performing functions similar to those of the FIC, pursuant to a formal, written agreement between the FIC and that entity or its authority. Rejman co-promotorJ. However, the provision also overlaps with many of the money laundering offences in terms of POCA, for instance the offences that can be committed where persons structure transactions to hide or disguise the true nature of ill-gotten gains.

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Braeckmans co-promotor Combining the strengths of cytotoxic I cells and nano-medicines for cancer immunotherapy Pharm. Log In Sign Up. The order will lapse after three months ve it is extended. In addition, membership will have to be carefully controlled to ensure that it can still act effectively as an advisory body.