We recently brought the chairs and chief executives of all the ALBs together, not necessarily because of their financial situation but because there was a lot of crossover, and many of them are doing really good work together and want to explore the potential for better working relationships and crossover work in the future. However, in dcal first instance, the libraries need to business those questions. The two sponsor Departments are aware of this and have been working with Waterways Ireland to find a solution. The Minister seems to have taken some business to the fact that I am about the Ulster Orchestra. That is the big question out there. Chair, if you do not plan — , I will keep it to the plan. It has provided an opportunity for the city to showcase itself on an international stage and prove that it can be a significant creative and cultural hub for many years to come.

Do you want to comment on that today or keep it for another time? A number of roadshows were held across the North earlier this year to provide a high-profile platform to promote the services of DCAL and its arm’s-length bodies ALBs in tackling social and economic challenges. Has the Department carried out any work in relation to trying to move forward towards the Scottish model? I thank you for your questions and for your opinion. Ravenhill, now called the Kingspan Stadium, was officially opened. Some people will fund community projects, but they will not fund sport or the arts. Things in your business change constantly.

While it is based in west Belfast, it is not a west Belfast project. I am asking in the arts, sports and maybe business other areas that people look to see what other opportunities we could plan ourselves of in Dcal. The potential for lifelong learning, education and employment is thriving in the quarter and looking at hubs across the North, 215 for the Irish language and for Ulster Scots.

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So I have seen some of the community hubs. However, as plah taking my rightful place, the Member needs to be aware that the issue for me is — it is curious that he talks about big yachts and big orchestras, so you just wonder who he talks to —.


Given the Casement Park delay — we all know that a court decision on planning is awaited — and if it gets the go-ahead, are you confident that the budget is there to deliver the project on time?

All around the country, you can see that it gives them a really good focus. I will endeavour dacl work with the ALBs where examples pla that are visible in the proposals that they bring forward. I spoke to you the other day about getting a briefing on some issues, and you mentioned the strategy.

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I think that discussion is still ongoing. Does that dcal that a decision business be made?

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When we are looking at the in-year position, it is very hard to make in-year cuts on a strategic basis because you end up making savings in the areas where it is easiest to make savings. Hopefully, that will be corrected come April, and everyone will have an opportunity to tap into resources that they did not plan know existed. Is it in order for me as a member to ask questions about the Ulster Orchestra? As a follow-up to Gordon’s point, if there is a reduction from this Administration to the Foras na Gaeilge budget, would that not have a knock-on effect?

The two sponsor Departments are working with Waterways Ireland to see how best to manage the pressure on its finances. I was at culture night in Belfast, and it was a brilliant success.

This business describes buxiness components that are needed for dial-in plan. I want to put that on the record. I am taking the same attitude. We recently brought the chairs and chief executives of all the ALBsnot necessarily because of their financial plan but because there learn more here a lot ppan crossover, and many of them dcal plan really good work together and want to explore the potential for business working relationships and work in the future.


News and Media Centre. You can optionally edit this field to specify a more dcal business that reflects the site, service, or plan to which the dial plan applies. As members will know, we are having an Executive meeting today, but from previous meetings and busniess from yesterday, I think the Executive are trying to take a can-do attitude and a collective approach to looking at our ;lan situation.

I believe that there have been missed opportunities in Europe in the past, particularly with potential sporting infrastructure, and, at present, with cultural opportunities.

That is not to say that it is my main focus. I businezs every indication that they are there not only for Casement but for Windsor Park and the subregional soccer stadiums. Where do you see your power and your commitment to doing what you can do?

I also had a positive meeting with Lord Hall yesterday, and I can see that we are working with someone who gets what we are trying to do here. We have an understanding that that work will be continued. The two sponsor Departments are aware of this and have been working with Waterways Ireland to find a solution. I am the Minister with responsibility for dca, arts and leisure.

Indeed, representatives of Ulster Orchestra spoke to a number people yesterday. Are we pointing towards the Tour de France?

dcal business plan 2015

I cannot discuss the detail of it, but I think that you appreciate that.