Storm development and background. Physical Geography Flashcard Maker: Diseases spread with many survivors dying from disease. Louis Mason 78 Cards —. Paul Rodgers Cards —.

Hannah Matthews Cards —. Abbie Pilkington Cards —. Physical Geography Flashcard Maker: Hostile Worlds, Hostile World: Emily Mason Cards —.

cyclone nargis case study a2

Geography Hazards Flashcard Maker: On 8th May they also sent 50 medical personnel and set up 2 mini hospitals. Amy Mckie Cards —. Josh Connell Cards —. Many children were orphaned. Jasmine Hughes Cards —.

Lucy Hainsworth Cards —. A death toil of at least people has been quoted, but estimates vary widely, it is thought that 80, people could have died in the town of Labutta alone, making the 84,people death toll seem unrealistic. The tropical system developed from a low pressure system in the Bay of Bengal during the last week of April.

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Lauren Bontems Cards —. Year 9 Geography Revison Flashcard Maker: Geography case studies Flashcard Maker: Hannah Matthews Cards —.


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cyclone nargis case study a2

Start studying cyclone nargis and Hurrican Katrina Case Study. At IST, we get into pairs and each produce a case study one of the two tropical storms Rice fields were flooded on the Irrawaddy Delta.

It then decreased in strength, only to rapidly intensify on May the 1 st and track eastward, returning to cyclone status. Geography- Hazards Flashcard Maker: Lucy Lovell Cards —.

Cyclone Nargis-Burma 2 may,2008

Isaac Tarrant Cards —. The Water Crisis, A22 Maddy Murphy Cards —. Browse over 1 million classes created by top students, professors, publishers, and experts, spanning the fyclone body of “learnable” knowledge. Jonjo McCabe 18 Cards —. Paul Rodgers Cards —.

Physical Geography Flashcard Maker: Bethany Fitzpatrick 30 Cards —. Anna Crow 69 Cards —. The hurricane case studies are in-depth looks at storms that made significant impacts on the United States.


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Kieran Busby Cards —. Storm development and background Cycone Nargis struck in May and caused huge devastation in the military dictatorship of Myanmar formerly known as Burma. World at Risk Unit 1 Flashcard Maker: