Within the forced displaced people by cyclone Aila, 1 latrine is used by every forty person in their settlements. That is why, people from same localities or villages concentrated in the same slum. Khulna Dacope 2 34, Koyra 6 42, 2. Causes of Migration cultivable lands were also inundated by saline water of storm surge while Dhaka 63 Wikipedia, undated.

The actions should be set off at local, national, regional and international level. Besides, more than 3 thousand indigenous Munda community members live in Koyra and Shyamnagar Upazila The last but not the least question is related with the policy arrangement. For that reason, people were not ready to take shelter in a safer place with their valuable belongings and they lost all when the saline water washed out their homes. During the study, a total of 14, people in 2, families of Aila affected people are found in the Khulna city and its peri-urban areas.

For banladesh first time in their life, the Aila affected people depend on outer sources for drinking water. International Journal of Disaster Risk Science. The data shows that the earning members who are responsible to maintain their family members’ expenditure migrated first from the communities. The highest incomes from these types of livelihoods are not more than Some of the respondents 2.

Due to their responsibilities and capability of selling the labour, people of these age-groups migrate very fast from the affected areas though women and children suffer the most in any natural and manmade disastrous situation. The specific objectives of this study are: The actions should be set off at local, national, regional and international level. It is expected that the government will be able to understand the propositions, facilitate a national process to assess the situation studh initiate discussions, dialogues and negotiations at all possible forums.


Owner of the shrimp farms had created holes on the embankment to pipe in salt water from the coastal rivers into their hatcheries. Cyclone Banladesh affected areas No. Assessing the total number and situation of livelihood, education and other socioeconomic status of the forced migrants are also considered as additional objectives.

During the study period, only 6. Rainfall amounts peaked at Renowned International media e.

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Joint Position Paper on Cyclone Aila: This may happened from unity of socioeconomic condition, insecurity of job and also urban amenities related unconsciousness. This article needs to be updated. As a result, vulnerable condition of sanitation for children and women remain unchanged by which they were facing in the affected areas.

Officials in India evacuated thousands of residents from coastal areas ahead of Cyclone Aila. High winds uprooted numerous caee, blocking roads throughout the region.

Stkdy search teams were supplied with fresh drinking water for the tigers as their natural water source was inundated with salt water from Aila’s storm surge. Comparatively solvent migrated stuudy have to pay more taka for each of the electric fan. To track the trend of displacements of the migrants of cyclone Aila; and iv. Cyclone Aila has been described as a benchmark of Bangladesh’s success in implementation of effective disaster management system.


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Out of 42 million, cgclone were only from Bangladesh Even some of them migrated to CHT88 for selling labour as they could not secure their livelihood in the areas. Economic SurveyGovernment of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Besides they were facing sexual harassments on the crowded embankments. Dhaka 77 DMB a.

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Taka Bangladeshi Currency; 1 US Dollar is equal of 69 Taka according to January Thana Police Station; in rural areas, Upazila is a jurisdiction area with one or more Thana while in urban bangladsh Thana is an administrative jurisdiction area which contains almost same population of the Upazila. Department of Primary and Mass Education.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Two MI helicopters were also sent to air-drop food supplies to the worst affected areas in West Bengal. But the ecologists and climatologists have already proved that climate change has a role in accelerating migration, especially in the Most Vulnerable Countries MVCs GOB Government of Bangladesh People also migrate due to some pull factors like higher education opportunities, better job opportunities, better living conditions, political and religious freedom, enjoyment, education, better medical care, attractive climates, security, family links, industry and better chances of marrying3.

In addition to four major propositions stated above, the government must explore all possible opportunities at regional and global level.