More information may be available Team allocations will be posted on Moodle on Wednesday the day before lecture start week 0. We have An IDE that can be used in the 1st and 2nd year coursework labs needs to. Work submitted for marking must be that of the student who submits it, as defined in the plagiarism, cooperating and cheating guidelines. All lab leaders and technicians have been made aware of this procedure and will have the relevant materials ready for collection. Students will be asked to demonstrate their code and answer a few questions to make sure they understand the course content. Assessment is by the quality of the tested product, the quality of the drawings and the individual reports.

Portfolios also frequently include self-assessments, learning plans, and reflective essays. In addition to a brief report, students present their solutions in person to an audience which includes a designer from industry. Mesh Generation and Preprocessing Coursework: Assessment sessions will take place in weeks , and Students’ lab reports on the statics experiment are critically reviewed during these sessions.

cued integrated coursework

To foster interest and understanding in the subject through practical work that demonstrates engineering applications. Coursework activities Term Coursework No. Finite volume discretisation, evaluation of fluxes. Software projects aimed at implementing algorithms and modelling methods will be central to the practical modules and the research project. The communication of technical information is developed through the exposition course which aims to improve students’ presentation, discussion and writing skills.

To develop an awareness of the safety of the individual and the group through the safe and careful operation of potentially hazardous equipment.


Integrated Coursework Project Cued

Less 1 mark for each week courxework part week a report is late. Each timetabled drawing session, both morning and afternoon, begins with a lecture to outline the material that will be covered in the following practical class. Robotics, …4 Oct understand different design courseork and architectures of intelligent and adaptive machines.

Course structure diagram Assessmentprogression requirements and industrial experience Part IA and IB students sit Tripos examinations at the end of the Easter term.

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Time Iteration, simple LAX method. A small number of students may spend their third year on one of the student exchanges. Students who do not reach the honours standard may be awarded an Ordinary BA Degree. More information may be available Students must also fulfil the industrial experience requirement.

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There are also eight lectures on the principles of design, assessed through the product design project. Each task is completed and signed up cude the two-hour morning period assigned to it. Clicking on the links should open the calendars in your default program. This project brings together design software and working with electrical components to integrate many topics in the lecture courses on linear circuits and electronics. Introduction Outlines of the Part IA coursework activities and experiments are given below, together with the number of timetabled sessions allocated to them.

Mainly 2h examination papers, ocursework broadly four questions out of six.


cued integrated coursework

In each assessment session, all lab groups will be allocated a slot for a minute long session. The Cambridge system is unusual and can be confusing to potential employers who may ask for your overall degree class and subject.

At the end of their second year students decide which Tripos to prepare for in their third and fourth years. Students spend three two-hour sessions for four weeks working on this project.

Integrated Coursework Project Cued

Hard copies of handouts will be available in each laboratory. Lego Mindstorms Dimensional analysis Statics experiment Exposition.

cued integrated coursework

Work submitted for marking must be that of the student who submits it, as defined in the plagiarism, cooperating and cheating guidelines. They all take the same course in both Part II years.

Each year has three terms, two of eight weeks of formal teaching and one of seven weeks. The final coursework mark is calculated by subtracting from the total raw mark. Assessment sessions will take place in weeksand Prompt attendance required until 4th exercise has been marked.

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The Engineering Tripos is an Integrated Masters, a four-year degree which extends undergraduate studies to Masters level. Report see IEP Handout.

Lab work is designed to reinforce the treatment of topics covered in lectures.