How are the professors? Field education hours are typically completed during the daytime in the regular work week Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. No emails requesting anything, and no emails confirming that they even have my packet. Good academic standing at the last college or university attended ; 5. It seems like she may be on her way out as she is north of 70 years old. It all just hit me and this is my first time freaking out Posted February 13,

The applicant is responsible for submitting a complete file. By any chance do you have the personal statement prompt for SJSU? Specifically, forensic social workers may work in: The first placement involves hours of fieldwork in a community setting while second-year placements require hours. Entering cohorts for each program are expected to adhere to the designated classes in the pattern shown below. Posted January 11,

I’m subscribing to this thread to see whenever acceptance letters maw. For the first 2 years, at a Family Resource Center and currently at a residential program for victims of DV and their families.

School of Social Work

Students must be eligible for Financial Aid. Posted December 7, Admission Requirements to the MSW Program Admission to the Master of Social Work Ztatement is based on meeting the academic qualifications required of all graduate students in the College of Health and Human Services in addition to an evaluation of the applicant’s potential for advanced practice in the profession of social work.

I wish it was just the form like some of the other CSUs. Students in the full time two year program take classes all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Admission to the Master of Social Work Program is based on meeting the academic qualifications required of all graduate students statemnet the College of Health and Human Services in addition to an evaluation of the applicant’s potential for advanced practice in the profession of social work.


Courses taken after your initial GPA is calculated by the University, including prerequisite courses, may be counted in the final GPA so please be sure that courses taken after this calculation is done will not place you below the minimum 2. This form will not be signed until an applicant is accepted into the MSW program by the School AND all outstanding items for admissions have been completed i.

Have any idea where we might hear back? Students in the full-time and part-time programs may apply but must pay full tuition 6. I’m going to the info session coming up soon if anyone else is going lets get a coffee while we are on campus or something. The human biology prerequisite may be taken at a community college, state college, or university, and units do not need to be transferable You may submit your application while completing these prerequisites as long as you have completed at least 2 of the 3 prerequisites by the time your file is to be reviewed and you have documented your specific plans to complete the last listing the term the course will be taken, the institution, and the exact course title and description.

Applicants with an international degree must apply to the University and the School of Social Work simultaneously but separately.

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I’m also working on a substance abuse counseling certification. Once all the spaces are filled, admission closes for that academic year. I suspect it will be awhile before anyone gets any acceptance letters.

Social workers are sensitive to cultural and ethnic diversity and strive to end discrimination, oppression, poverty, and other forms of social injustice.

csula msw personal statement

I barely finished my first draft of my personal statement. Generally, the other students are willing to get together and form study groups. Already have an account? Do you need advice or help with anything? Due to the intensity of the program and its multiple requirements, students enrolled in the full time 2 year program are expected not to work in addition to their full time MSW enrollment.


csula msw personal statement

The sooner you complete your sstatement, the sooner your file will be reviewed for admittance. The School will make a decision on whether the course will count for the specified prerequisite. When you apply to the School, you need to apply simultaneously but separately to the University. The applicant must complete all forms and submit Items listed above as a complete packet.

I’m an undergrad still, a junior, and I’m double majoring in psych and crim. Posted Cshla 17, These core values, embraced by stayement workers throughout the profession’s history, are the foundation of social work’s unique purpose and cwula Meeting the academic requirements alone does not guarantee admission to the graduate program in social work ; maturity, experience and professional promise are equally important. So far the only news I’ve gotten is that we can only apply to 1 grad program per school at the same time, and for CSUF u have to pick the part time or full time program when you apply, you can’t apply for both.

Earl and Flora C. Posted September 21, Now I’m struggling to write my personal statement. Second year students are in field 20 hours a week three days a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday.