Personally, I was pretty terrified at all poitns of the process. Once I knew that I was specifically going to be working in C, I wanted to completely master pointers, and learn good practices for a C codebase. Why is it important to you? On this page, we will update you with enhancements that have been added to the system and student-facing bugs that have been resolved. It takes only a few minutes, but scan the job application.

Through the interview, the employer determines whether you are suitable for the position and if they would want to work with you. Work Term Evaluation The work term evaluation is your report card for the work term. Remember that most employers take seconds to look through the whole thing, so you want your best qualities to be seen at first glance. Strategies Offers and rankings are a game. This evaluation does not constitute an employment endorsement or recommendation.

Common questions I ask are: Search results for ‘Applied to’ quick search have been updated to reflect only jobs applied to in the current job search term i. Job search results can now be opened in a new tab. She blogs, dances and plays the piano during her spare time. Changes have been made to the search results pages, to make more effective use of space, including a ‘Hide Side Nav’ button. If they say they don’t know anyone who will hire a student now, how do I respond?


The first part is a bunch usaterloo ratings about you: Continuous is where you end up if you do not get a job in main round.

Job search – frequently asked questions | Co-operative Education | University of Waterloo

Things you can do to find a job on your own are:. Check out our Job Search Tips Unusual employment-timing circumstances do sometimes arise; your student advisor can provide guidance as necessary. A fix has been implemented to correct the issue of saved searches not working if the criteria included level or region. I feel that I don’t have any experience and that I have nothing to offer companies. Your student advisor is your contact when you are on a work term lrtter you are employed or not if you have not yet had a work term, it’s a career advisor.

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Watch the job description to see what keywords might interest them. Rankings come out at the end of that month, and you have a weekend to decide how to rank companies. When you get an offer, make sure to send an email to your employer as soon as possible. For me, my goals were as follows:. Is there a deadline for me to submit the information when I find my own job?

A fix has been implemented to correct the issue of a student’s application count decreasing incorrectly when a job deadline is extended. Fallas opposed to all jobs ever applied to through WaterlooWorks. Email them to see if you can switch times, then un-book and re-book to reschedule.


A fix was implemented to correct the issue of a student’s interview method details being cleared if they unbook and reschedule their interview. Learn to work in a professional environment. If you cancel an application before the deadline, it will not count towards the application limit. You definitely need to know your basic data structures and algorithms, as well as the basics of OOP for a first term dev co-op.

cover letter uwaterloo reddit

Important dates Steps to get hired Employer info sessions Find international job. What obstacles did you overcome? It takes only a few minutes, but scan the job application. Use Chrome and download an extension. Learn technical skills in an embedded environment.

Job search – frequently asked questions

If you have weekly performance reviews with your supervisor, get as much feedback as you can, and act on that feedback. What kind of position counts for work term credit?

Make sure to have a few questions to ask the interviewer. Main Round is reddig subdivided into two sections: If they say I don’t have the skills they are looking for, how do I respond?