When Sweden is CMS, a national approval is only sent when the Swedish product information is affected. In the event of submission on a CD or DVD an original, signed paper copy of both the cover letter and, if applicable, the application form must be submitted. When contacting the MPA regarding the product information please use the latest approved version of the current product information published on the MPA website. In order to facilitate communication between agencies and the applicant, it is essential that an e-mail address is provided in the application form. The electronic application form is mandatory in all procedures as of 1 January Placement of Word documents. Search for medicines Swedish.

For the first time, this guidance is given for eCTD in Europe. Previously stated guidance is repeated — that is, this is not used in the Centralised procedure — but a comment mentions that this section can be used for all procedures when an old version of a DTD is being used during an agreed transition period, to support inclusion of a newly defined section of Notice to Applicants. In these cases, the variation procedure number needs to be obtained from the Reference Authority. Human medicines – Regulatory and procedural guidance – Post-Marketing Authorisation. Please note that review articles, core data sheets and extracts from texts books are not considered detailed enough for the scientific assessment.

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The document includes a shout-out to RPS, for those of you wondering if Europe will really move in that direction. If case report forms and individual patient data listings are submitted, they should be placed in the same order as the clinical study reports appearing in m and should be indexed by lettsr.


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For the first time, this guidance is given for eCTD in Europe. Belongs to Marketing authorisation — medicines for human use. The Topic Group anticipates comments from NCAs and applicants which will enable future versions to reflect practical experience of users. We urge you to send separate letters for different subjects, in other words only one letter per case.

In the variation application form, use the full German name of the medicinal product as it is authorised, and indicate the German marketing authorisation holder as well as the Germanmarketing authorisation number.

In the national procedure, the procedure is re-started upon receipt of the response. Further current information is available on the CMD h Web page: It is recommended that you provide a full copy of the list of questions received from the agencies as the first leaf in this section.

To cancel a marketing authorisation for a medicine or a traditional herbal remedy so it can be removed from the market, you need to:. For type IA variations that affect the product information, only changes resulting from the variation applied for will be considered.

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Total evaluation time excluding clock stop is given within the parenthesis. If your application for these types of licences is pending and you no longer wish to proceed, you need to withdraw it. For the first time, a recommendation is given to use node extensions ldtter all reports, even those containing only one document.

Recommendations In order to make it possible for us to process the applications within the narrow timeframes given, it is essential that all supporting documents are submitted with the application. Cancellations To cancel a marketing authorisation for a medicine or a traditional herbal remedy so it can be removed from the market, you need to: Thank you for your feedback. Published 18 December Last updated 2 October — see all updates.


Guideline on categorisation of extension applications EA versus variation.

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When PL and labelling are affected, these should also be submitted in the same format. To help in the management of responses over the lifecycle of the eCTD, the responses relating to a particular regulatory activity should be grouped under a node-extension in the eu-regional. Swedish Medical Products Agency, P. Note that bookmarks will not be required as there will be no further internal structure. Organization of Module ,etter.

Organization of Cmd Studies. Additional Guidance on Product Names. This will ensure you are not charged a periodic fee for the period 1 April to 31 March Explicit forbidding of cross-application references.

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Withdrawal of an application. Skip to main content. Accessibility Sitemap Contact us Svenska. Please ensure that you limit bulk cancellations to a maximum of 10 product licenses showing per application form. Cover letter and Variation application form. Submission information When applying for a national type II variation for a SmPC change the requirements for documentation is the same as in the mutual recognition procedure. Further current information is available on the CMD h Web page:.

Instructions are given for withdrawal of an entire product or a specific dosage form or strength.