In addition to our electronic publishing services we support the registration of your medicinal products in xEVMPD in acc. It is recommended that the background documents are submitted also in an electronic format to allow an expedite process. The Product Information SmPC, Package Leaflet and labelling is always the latest approved and should contain the changes as proposed in the scope of the variation application form. This guideline is for use by marketing authorisation holders applying for a national change in the legal classification for supply of a medicinal product from “subject to a medical prescription” to “not subject to a medical prescription”. We work with clients assisting them with issues just like this all of the time. Such applications may be required when the product in full compliance with the details of the marketing authorisation cannot be sourced for a short, defined period of time maximum of 6 months.

This guideline applies to National and European approved products in Malta only. CMD v Procedural guidance, Variations. It should be clearly stated in the cover letter, which changes have already been implemented in the product information and the date it occurred. Guideline on categorisation of extension applications EA versus variation. An invoice on the application fee will be sent upon receipt of the application, so no payment should be made in advance. No other changes that are not covered by the variation application are to be included in the product information.

The amended German texts are not needed before the national phase is started.

In addition to the common cover letter a national cover letter is required in the national language. Our highly experienced team of regulatory affairs, documentation and IT professionals provides a comprehensive set of services covering all aspects of the electronic drug regulatory affairs business. One significant advantage of the work-sharing procedure is that there is a time-table. All proposed changes should be presented using the Word feature “track changes”.


The following documents are needed: Please note that review articles, core data sheets and extracts from texts books are not considered variatioh enough for vxriation scientific assessment. Electronic submissions and the use of the electronic application form are outlined in the section on Submission Requirements.

Product information that has changed will be uploaded on the Medicines Authority website. When Sweden is CMS, a national approval is only sent when the Swedish vaiation information is affected.


Navigation and service Go to: The electronic application form is mandatory in all procedures as dmdh 1 January In these cases, the variation procedure number needs to be obtained from the Reference Authority.

So for work-sharing applications there are typically 2 cover letters in the submissions. Implementation of variations approved by the Reference Member State where Malta is Concerned Member State can be carried out immediately following official notification by the RMS that the variation is approvable. Classification of Variations Variations to medicinal products can be classified in different categories, depending on the level of risk to public health and the impact on the quality, safety and efficacy of the medicinal product concerned.

It should be clearly stated in the cover letter, which changes have already been implemented in the product information and the date it occurred. No paper applications should be submitted.

Heads of Medicines Agencies: Variation

Retweet on Twitter exalon Retweeted. Electronic copies of the final proposed SmPC also in editable word formatPL and Labelling, if updated; current and proposed tracked changed versions of the product information highlighting the changes resulting from a variation should be submitted as applicable. Guideline on categorisation of extension applications EA versus variation.

In the national procedure, the procedure is re-started upon receipt of the response. The cover letter should also indicate a reference to the variation procedure number, as appropriate, and a brief description of the variation.


cmdh cover letter variation

In this article we answer 4 important questions related to the worksharing concept. The committees meet every 2 months so the application letter should be submitted as early as practicable in order to get on the agenda, but at least 3 months in advance of the planned letetr date.

This new Variation Regulation establishes new rules for the examination of variations to the terms of varixtion authorisations for letted products for human use and veterinary medicinal products, granted in Centralised Procedures CPDecentralised Procedures DCP or the Mutual Recognition Procedures MRP.

The request to bring the batch into compliance with the marketing authorisation can be submitted using the appropriate application form. If there are administrative changes, this should be written in the ‘present and proposed section’ of the application form.

cmdh cover letter variation

However, in exceptional cases non-critical deviations may be considered on a case-by-case basis. In general, variations submitted for work-sharing will follow the day evaluation timetable of Type II variations and weekly-start timetables may apply to the assessment following the same principles as those applied to the assessment of Type II variations. Two Commission guidelines have been issued in connection with the a.

Human medicines – Regulatory and procedural guidance – Post-Marketing Authorisation. Type II extended e. Day 90 is the commencement of national phases. For further information on electronic submissions see “Electronic submissions “in the left margin.