Unwilling to provoke such an important magnate, the garrison of the castle surrendered to him without a fight. The only other carved decoration is the cable moulding used on the imposts of the internal blind arcade. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Views Read Edit View history. In a vicious act of revenge that had become the norm for the war, Neville had both Woodvilles summarily executed. The arguments are complex and not entirely convincing.

They attempt to justify the execution of the troublesome Mary Queen of Scots and put Guy Fawkes on trial to decide whether he was framed by the king. The castle originally had the Norman name of Striguil , derived from the Welsh word ystraigl meaning “river bend”. They dominated Wales for the early years of the conflict but, by Autumn , the King was clearly losing the war and Parliament started encroaching into Monmouthshire. The essay on Ralegh gives still less. At other castles built during the Conqueror’s reign, original Norman structures have long since disappeared, but at Chepstow it’s still possible to see and touch the remains of FitzOsbern’s first great building project in Wales. In Mr D.

chepstow castle coursework

The essay on Ralegh gives still less. It is necessary to keep this distinction in our minds, or the greatest confusion will ensue. There are four deep niches separated by piers with chamfered imposts and bases carrying plain, square-section arches. This may be entered by a doorway at the east end of the north wall, and contains no windows. C and Rothwell, H ed English Historical Documents Vol 3 Routledge, London Kenyon, J It still stands but was extensively modified in the Tudor period.

While it’s a treat to visit any Welsh castle, only a handful retain the ability to stir emotions hundreds of years following their demise.

Chepstow Castle is situated on a narrow ridge between the limestone river cliff and a valley, known locally as the Dell, on its landward side. Although re-garrisoned during and after the English Civil Warby the s it had fallen into decay. The castle continued to be garrisoned throughout the fifteenth century and briefly saw action during the Coursesork of the Roses.


The last of these, Walter and Anselm, both died in and the Marshal estates were divided between his five surviving daughters, with Chepstow going to Maud, the eldest of them.

Chepstow Castle

The castle was visited by King Edward I inat the end of his triumphal tour through Wales. In thinking of the future, he does not conceive of any change as really taking place in himself, or of any thing intermediate between his present and future being, but considers his future sensations as affecting that very same conscious being in which he now feels such an anxious and unavoidable interest.

The castle as viewed from the south. However, recent analysis suggests that the rulers of Gwentwho had recently fought against King Haroldmay initially have been on good terms with the Normans. In Mr D. They bombarded the castle and ultimately compelled the garrison to surrender.

chepstow castle coursework

Originally known as Striguilit was the southernmost of a chain of castles built in the Welsh Marchesand with its attached lordship took coursewor name of the adjoining market town in about the 14th century.

From this Turner deduced that Fitz Osbern would not have built a grand stone castle at Chepstow either, especially as it is situated far from the centre of his earldom atHereford on a potentially hostile frontier. It has no chip-carving but its tympanum is of opus reticulatum and its three-part lintel has a joggled central section stepped rather than wedge-shaped.

chepstow castle coursework

He then added another, and so on, till the whole was completed. S uperbly set high upon its river cliff above the Wye, Chepstow still guards one of the main river crossings from southern England into Wales.

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TheGreatTowerwas remodelled in two phases, adding new windows to the upper storey, and adding an extra storey its west end to provide more accommodation. English Historical Documents Vol 2 Jeff Thomas If there is a castle that comes close to matching Harlech in historical importance, that castle is surely Chepstow.


In Terry Gilliam shot some of his film adaptation of Lewis Carroll ‘s ” Jabberwocky ” at the castle. Depending on your perspective, these are some of the most important or hated men of Norman-Welsh history.

This hall has cursework a good deal of remodelling, but its 11thc form can be reconstructed to some extent.

Chepstow castle coursework

B eforethe sons of William Marshal greatly enlarged Chepstow’s defences and improved the internal accommodation. The interior is similarly designed, but the tympanum is of large yellow sandstone blocks laid in courses, the central stone of the lintel is a small keystoneclearly a replacement, and the arch orders contain many replacement voussoirs, distinguished by their lack of wear.

The only other carved decoration is the cable moulding used on the imposts of the internal blind arcade. Despite their differences, when Richard I became King inMarshal was granted permission to marry Isabella de Clare which immediately made him one of the wealthiest and most powerful magnates in the Kingdom. There is no evidence for a settlement there of any size before the Norman invasion of Walesalthough it is possible that the castle site itself may have previously been a prehistoric or early medieval stronghold.

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