The next sections analyze the mitigation aspect of each of these activities. Public Finance is a subject that is concerned with the income and expenditure. Journal of the American Planning Association. Injury leading to hospitalisation for more than one week: Tertiary effects Affected There were orphans and widows. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

Foreign mobile hospitals were operationalised within 24 hrs of their arrival. Came down to Rs. Gujarat Kutch , India, M7. In Ahmedabad , Gujarat’s commercial capital with a population of approximately 7 million according to data in , as many as 50 multi-storey buildings collapsed and several hundred people were killed. In addition, 95, MT of food, other materials like clothing and tents, medical supplies and personnel, fuel and communication equipment were made available.

Potential loss impacts include lives, homes, office buildings, manufacturing plants, schools.

The Gujarat earthquakealso known as the Bhuj earthquake, occurred on 26 January, India’s 52nd Republic Dayat Retrieved 20 July The effects of the earthquake were also felt on the north side of the Pakistan border, in Pakistan ppt people were killed.

Geological Society, London, Special Publications.

case study on bhuj earthquake ppt

MayAcademy House, Seoul. Housing accounted for the highest expenditure Rs crorefollowed by education Rs crore and drinking water Rs crore.

Presented by – Abhishek R. Dangi M.Tech (DAM) MNIT, Jaipur

The Federal Budget and Social Security. The biggest setback was the total demolition of the Bhuj Civil hospital. A temporary Red Cross hospital remained in Bhuj to provide care while a replacement hospital was built.

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case study on bhuj earthquake ppt

A systematic effort has to be mounted to create accurate base maps for all Indian cities without waiting for disasters to byuj each one of them. Reconstruction costs were estimated at Rs billion. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

Auth with social network: Transportation trucks at times were not available and there was difficulty in finding labour for loading and unloading material which caused avoidable and critical delays.

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Professional taxes were expected to be lower by Rs 5 crore in the current year. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Financial share of 3: A state-level committee headed by the Chief Secretary of the state administers the Fund. As a result the money no longer exists to maintain the environment to the same standard.

case study on bhuj earthquake ppt

In the economic capital of the Gujarat region, Ahmedabad, 58 multi storey buildings were destroyed, these buildings contained many of the businesses which were generating the wealth of the region. The final major social effect casw that aroundIndian homes were destroyed resulting in around 2 million people being made homeless immediately following the quake. Disruption of marketing systems. It is also worthwhile considering amendments to law that would make local urban bodies responsible for and the custodians of updated maps and stud records.


Presented by – Abhishek R. Dangi (DAM) MNIT, Jaipur – ppt download

Telephone companies established emergency lines and free call facilities after few hours. Tertiary effects Affected Near Bhuj in Gujarat, India Magnitude: The communities affected by the earthquake were given the option for complete or partial relocation to in-situ reconstruction.

These packages assisted aboutfamilies. Over 15km of tarmac road networks were completely destroyed. Interest receipts, irrigation receipts, and royalties were expected to remain largely unaffected.

Transportation facilities were extended for relief material abroad With free handling facilities to charter flights bringing in relief materials. Kachchh Mainland Fault Type: Employment in salt, ceramic, and small-scale industries including refractories, powerlooms, cotton ginning etc.

The related folding has formed a series of ranges, particularly in central Kutch.