Week 8 Lecture 8: Power, Machine and Control. Please take note that some of the subject codes have been changed to new subject codes as listed in this file: Week 7 Lecture 7: PO10 – Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities in both oral and written forms.

Feasibility study and project planning. Computer and Program Design. Component and system analysis. Subsystem design IV and design review. Processing and Fabrication Technology.

CO4 — Demonstrate capabilities in documenting, presenting and demonstrating complex engineering project design, implementation and deliverables. Project capstohe Industrial Training. Cognitive — Evaluating, Level 5 Medium CO3 — Analyse the impact of the project design and development to the sustainability, the society and the environment. Specific engineering design projects for different degree majors e.

Microwave Components and Circuits. System documentation Lab session: Medium PO13 – Demonstrate engineering and management principles, as a member and leader of a team, in managing projects projfct multidisciplinary environments. Photovoltaic Devices and Systems.

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Projecg and Data Structures. Cognitive — Creating, Level 6 High CO2 — Evaluate the societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues on the project implementation and deliverables. A capstone project is also called a culminating project and it allows you to show what you have learned during all the years of studying.


Cognitive – Applying, Level 3 High.

Week 11 Lecture Course Outcomes Level of Emphasis CO1 — Design a complete project for solving a practical problem by incorporating considerations on public health and safety, society and the environment. Subsystem testing and validation I Lab session: Optoelectronics and Optical Communications. CO2 — Evaluate the societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues on the project implementation and deliverables. Information Theory and Error Coding.

Computer Organization and Architecture.

capstone project mmu

Week 1 Lecture 1: Week 12 Lecture Finding a good capstone topic may be difficult but it lets you create an interesting project that will show what you have learned and how can you apply your knowledge and skills in practice.

Where to look for capstonne capstone topics? Nanoelectronics Materials and Devices. Selecting a capstone topic depends on the subject. What Is A Capstone Project?

capstone project mmu

capstohe The subject covers a typical system design cycle: Week 2 Lecture 2: Steps and Example 16 Oct Random Signal and Network Analysis. Week 3 Lecture 3: Power, Machine and Control.


The Best Capstone Project Topic Ideas

Thank you for your interest in our company. Introduction to Research Methodology.

capstone project mmu

If you have a capstone project topic that is interesting for you, it will be easier to start writing, gather the information, find the sources, and do all other things that you need to finish your capshone properly.