This essay examines whether the capital punishment is effective in keeping the societies safe from crimes. This notion forces me to corroborate the lifting of this sentence. However, critics view capital punishment as immoral. Capital punishment is required in many cases to control violence in society. Otherwise, penalties rather than death should be tried to punish anyone.

There would be no way to remorse and the whole law will be condemned. So, ultimately some people think that capital punishment is the only way to make lives more secure resulting decrements violence in society. You should finish the task within 40 minutes. Replace want with verb, past tense. To moot on this point, it is essential to scrutinise all the eminent factors which succumb the violence. In London, a criminal was proved not guilty after 15 years; if he had been executed nobody could have done justice to his life.

But there is also a limit to define: However, punishment is not the objective of the law. Bir 3 years 6 months. But we must consider that we cannot create a living being and we never have the right to abolshed the lives of a living being.

Capital punishment should be abolished | Band 7 essay sample – IELTS

It may contain spelling and grammar mistakes. Terrorists like ‘ … Ultimately violence will be diminished resulting fall in the crime rate. This abolishfd the kind of person who could possibly kill someone for money, or even for fun. People believe that it is the best way to avenge the life of victim’s beloved ones. It is rather prosperity that can control violence in the world. Firstly, there are many crimes that jeopardise cappital lives of society.


After all, humans tend to do the right thing; it is circumstances that compel them to commit the evil.

IELTS essay: Capital punishment is a brutal decision and should be abolished.

First of all, the human has no right to kill another human for any reason, no matter how severe the crime is. One example calital such a country is Pakistan, which has reinstated capital punishment in order to counter the growing rate of terrorist attacks in particular regions of the country.

Given the complexities of the law irlts I feel that the real criminals contrive ways to save themselves from the punishment. The rate of crime is increasing day by day. A long-term imprisonment in the psychiatric prison can cure a mental issue.

What is your opinion?

capital punishment is a brutal decision and should be abolished ielts essay

Capital punishment is NOT the only option to control violence in society. There have been many instances where innocent have been accused of guilt and they have lost their life. Those are like killing someone’s own mother or a plan to murder the best friend due to immaturity.

However, there are several mistakes in it. One day in jail is tantamount to living in a hell. Like us on Facebook. Many crimes are not pre-planned and are committed for self-defense.


capital punishment is a brutal decision and should be abolished ielts essay

In conclusion, I don’t agree and believe in this death punishment as we always have a less severe alternative available. Attribute Value Ideal Score: Hence, it is advisable to imply such punishment which leads a aboloshed life with less violence in these days and also in the future.

Capital punishment should be abolished | Band 7 essay sample

Replace surrender with verb, past tense Sentence: Knowledge of such stern sentence can generate fear among offenders. This young misfit needs to be impressed; he needs to know that the law is a frontier.

Capital punishment is the process of killing the offenders for the crimes they have committed.

Reply Quote Zafar 3 years To control the rate of crime and for the protection of ordinary citizens, perpetrators, in many countries, are punished by death penalty. Capital punishment is a brutal decision and should be abolished. It devastates the life of the family member of the dead person and it ruins his friends. To summarise, capital punishment is important to bring down the crime ratio and to also provide the secured life.