The students not only learnt about the usage of the language but also had an interaction with each other in French in the form of French dialogues. The program explored the beauty of laws of physics hidden in common day to day observations through videos and live demonstrations by the resource person Dr Pragya. The students found the experience very educative and informative which reiterated the fact that keen observation is the foremost requirement for the understanding of science. They provided information to the students on the many career options available for each stream as well as provided the facts regarding admissions, seats, and employment options. One of our students Saksham of Class XI got the opportunity to interact directly with the author.

That time of year’s come ’round again, So we wish you all the best. Aditi Batra and Mr. During the long hot afternoon. Other risk factors, symptoms, prevention of diabetes were discussed. Tips on managing school holiday homework. They also observed and studied the spectra produced by different types of light using a spectroscope.

cambridge holiday homework

Avijit are pioneers in career education and have been on the field for more than fifteen years. Tips on managing school holiday homework.

Cambridge Model School was established in The Resource person was Mr. Class I The summer holidays are here again.

cambridge school srinivaspuri holiday homework 2015

Ms Uoliday planned the verb game where the children had to decipher the verbs. The whole experience was very enriching and mesmerizing for students and teachers who attended the event. Tandon talked about the prevalent Cyber crimes such as Cyber bullying, online sexual abuse, online games, attacks, frauds, and online enticement.


cambridge holiday homework

But at the same time not many are fully aware about its scope and advantages. She is currently working as the French faculty at the St. Welcome to Aravali International School Sec The students found the workshop very informative and interesting.

Within the spectra, astronomers can study spectral which are the fingerprints of atoms and molecules. In this workshop, students learnt how length and position of shadows of vertical objects such as a gnomon can help to calculate time, determine directions and also make complex measurements like measuring the circumference of Earth.

The joy that comes. The workshop was very informative interspersed with activities that could be related to real life. Sourayan briefed the students about the various common cyber crimes like Cyber Stalking and Cyber Bullying which includes. The coordinator of the program was Ms. Students from around 6 schools participated.

Green Valley Public School provides sufficient oppurtunities for overall development of personality of students. See 22, traveller reviews and photos of Cambridge tourist attractions.

cambridge school srinivaspuri holiday homework 2015

They were introduced to complex science concepts associated with star spectroscopy in the most interesting manner. Cambridge International Co-educational School, take rest and you say that cambridge school donot get any homework. The main focus of the workshop was To complete the paper on time.


They provided information to the students on the many career options available for each stream as well as provided the facts regarding admissions, seats, and employment options. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire on TripAdvisor: Aditi Batra and Mr.

Workshops for Students

Before I start on some tips and ideas on how to manage school holiday homework, I want to write a little bit about homework.

They discovered how the light spectrum can be used to identify the materials that are emitting or reflecting light.

cambridge school srinivaspuri holiday homework 2015

Bindu Muralidharan accompanied the students for the workshop. Shabbir also discussed about some activities to be conducted in the class to have a better understanding of healthy lifestyle. The session concluded within 40 minutes and a token of appreciation was presented to the resource person by the coordinators of VI-VIII.

Ravi Bhayana on December 4, at The third session of the Astronomy workshops was conducted in the school on 23 rd January on the topic — Fingerprints of the Universe. The workshop was concluded by Ms.