Helping Cahokia Mounds Museum Society has been very satisfying. What items were made from natural fibers? Learn what we have discovered by studying these representations made by the ancient inhabitants of Cahokia. The general audience book, City of the Sun , provides a good source of current information known about the site. Where did previous mound builders live?

Our fifth graders have particularly enjoyed throwing spears with an atlatl, and learning to play chunkey. Nine mounds are on an east-west line across the site and line up with Monks Mound. This natural wonder is located to the south, outside of Olympia. Grades 4 — 6 Begin with the orientation show in the theater. Native American architecture is an amalgam of design rules and always encodes many messages There are elements of their religious beliefs tied to directing natural processes such as rainfall, fertility of the soil, abundance of crops, or birth and death and other events in the life cycle. Also available is a guidebook for outside walking tours.

Olympic National Park Essay words – 5 pages around the formations.

cahokia mounds essay

We are very fortunate to have such a historic site in our area with qualified, friendly staff. What shape is Fox Mound? We recommend several items to be used as teacher reference material cahikia or after your field trip. Socially, this shows that Cahokia was a thriving area that displayed social statuses among the members especially in the forms of laborers and elite officials.

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site Essay

Erecting a woodhenge was complicated; it involved digging large bathtub-shaped foundation holes, aligning and measuring, and coordinating the work of pulling the posts upright see figure 53 below. Most often compared to an ocean of grass, the prairies too could be terrifyingly vast.


What are the three shapes of mounds that you see? If you were a worker, on ordinary days you were outside the palisade wall; on festival days you gathered with other common people in the plaza see figure 48 below. Are there other symbolic messages hidden in the placement of the mounds and plazas in this eleventh-century city?

Kitt Chappell, published by the University of Chicago Mohnds. Environmental impact of a rock quarry words – 5 pages features such as wet areas, vegetation on mounds and quarry terraces, depressions and on disused faces.

Native American architecture is an amalgam of design rules and always encodes many messages This pharaonic enterprise required carrying 14, baskets, each filled with mlunds.

How did they make use of wood? If you were a member of the elite, you greeted the day from your house on a medium-sized platform mound within the palisade. What other sites were inhabited by Mississippians? Learn what we have discovered by studying these representations made by esway ancient inhabitants of Cahokia. What kind of social and political organization was necessary to erect public works of this magnitude? Many of these Native American villages are perceived by their inhabitants as being the cosmos in microcosm, and their own village center is seen as the center of the world.

Plazas located at the cardinal directions link the architecture of Cahokia to the architecture of the heavens, providing celestial legitimacy for social stratification and elite ranking. This text may be used and shared in accordance with the fair-use provisions of U.

By associating themselves with the power of the sky they provided celestial legitimacy for their status, and by erecting a monumental city around them they perpetuated the belief system and their own place at the top of the social, religious, and political hierarchy. At its peak, Cahokia had a population of over ten thousand, not including the people who lived in the towns surrounding the city.


Cshokia important days were marked with a pole? The kids love the documentary, the museum, the class provided by the instructors, and the walking tour to the twin mounds, burial site, and borrow pit.

cahokia mounds essay

Bibliography The following is a selected, partial bibliography of published Cahokia Archaeology. The interpretation of Cahokia as a symbolic microcosm seems reasonable at this stage of our understanding.

EDUCATE – Cahokia Mounds

How as shell used? If I am a priest I am above all other creatures, approaching the celestial world. How many times was it rebuilt?

What markings are found on the back side of the tablet? What was the large building esway top? If I am an ordinary Cahokian I find my vertical place in the social hierarchy in the lowest parts of the city.

The highlight for the students each year is the climb to the top of Monks Mound. Over the years we have taken part in several of the educational classes offered by the Cahokia Mounds staff, and would highly recommend them to anyone visiting with their students.