Thus, apartnership agreements between us have been made consists of the information of capitalsharing, profit sharing and al tasks need to be don Administration planning is the veryimportant aspects to be looked on when we want to set up a business. The objective of our marketing plan is to make sure that our product is known by people around the world, and to ensure that our objective is achieved, we have to do some research of our competitors. Thus, we can accomplished our objectives and minimized the obstacles. Violet The Carpenter is a business that provides multi-purposes use of furniture based on pallete wood. We also want to expand our business in order to generate high rate of profit within 3 years and to ensure that our production flow smoothly and efficiently to increase our production.

Thus, lowering the lose of the plant by half, making the approximate plant destroyed become 25 plant per month. According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the number of population in the Kluang area is approximately , peoples. Violet The Carpenter is a business that provides multi-purposes use of furniture based on pallete wood. Future Prospects of Business: First of all, they are extremely cheap.

It is to ensure that activity in the business goes smoothly and it is aligned with the business goal, mission, vision, and our long term objective in the industry. Planting bananas are not effected by bad weather such as heavy rain, or drought. Thus, we can accomplished our objectives and minimized the obstacles. It can reduce the transportation cost to get our raw materials from the supplier.

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Every worker is entitled to get one off day for every week. Each partner can withdraw the credit balance in their income account. All the partners is strictly forbidden except with the consent from all the partners to: Log In Sign Up.


Net Profit Margin That is why before setting up any business, we must first consider the location that we choose to start a business. Melaka is develop city where there are many infrastructure and buisness provided to its surrounding. We also wanted to help our Malay people in that area as we sold the bananas cheaper than our competitor.

We choose this location because it is one of the main attraction location inSegamat is near with billion which is the place where many people come to but their dailygroceries and needs.

To be main bananas supplier in this country.


In addition, marketing is a process which goes through individual or group to obtain needs and wants by creating and exchanging valuable products with others.

We also charge discount on the customers that be a part of the membership of Violet The Carpenter. This, will surely attract the customer to purchase Platanos Bananas. There are few characteristics of population that has been identified as our target market. Help Center Find new research papers in: We are offering product that are produce from the fresh bananas farm, which will give our customer the best uigm and quality of bananas. Next, the business should focus its marketing efforts by identifying the market area and business location, collecting information and data of customer that can be used to identify personal details of the population in the area, their lifestyle and buying habits.

Businesses evolve and adapt over time, and factoring future growth and direction into the business plan can be an effective way to plan for buusiness in the market, growing or slowing trends, and new innovations or directions to take as the company grows. If a partner has no credit balance in their incomeaccount, losses should be charged to their capital account.


As you know, pallets are very versatile and they can be used for lots of different projects.

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Lack of New company variety type so customer of bananas to still busines reduce the of us capital. The representative of the death partners can appoint to the business under theMalaysian Law. Also, they are strong and durable and very versatile. The amount of the rental is RM for three years. Furthermore, our office is also located in the plantation area thus makes it easy for the customer to purchase the product and get the banana immediately. We find Violet The Carpenter is the best idea to start a new fresh to defeat all the competitors.

Date of Business Commencement: Inventory Turnover 1 1 1 1 1 Times 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 Year Inventory turnover determines the number of times inventories have been converted into sales and indicates how liquid the inventory is.

A Certificate of Commencement of Business is required before a business start to operate. Salesgirl at Muhibah Sdn.

business plan ent300 uitm

Any report required by Part II of this Schedule shall either indicate by way of note any adjustments as respects the figures of any profits or losses or assets and liabilities dealt with by the report which appear to the persons making the report necessary or shall make those adjustments and indicate that adjustments have been made.

The partnership shall begin on 1th Decemberand shall continue untilterminated. Salaries and WithdrawalsEach partner should receive any salary for services rendered to the partnership.