That is my question, was wondering if anyone else who had read it had any imput or a generalisation of some ideas? Year 12 English Literature. In part three of the novel Elizabeth is starting to discover her grandfathers history, however as readers we already know it. It uses three different time frames and always focuses on the effect that war had on Stephen, his generation and the implications that this has for the future of humanity. It almost seems that nature can not longer save the men. He moves from moments of calm to tension, relief to drama, joy to sadness and anger to peace.

All three texts relate to nature throughout. Faulks has transported the readers to the war and made them feel they have actually witnessed the tragedies he describes. The confined timespan, claustrophobic setting and overwhelming feeling of doom creates a sense of unity. He was screaming for his home. No insincere funeral rites.

Faulks emphasises the natural beauty and tranquility of the Somme in the opening chapter which is later destroyed by the war. He moves from moments of calm to tension, relief to drama, joy to sadness and anger to peace.

birdsong coursework questions

You are commenting using your Google account. The final line symbolises the families at home who will draw their blinds after the death of their loved one and also a metaphorical approach of the blinds being drawn on the soldiers lives.

Overall, Faulks birdsonb many techniques which are used birdsobg other writers that wrote about the First World War. The novel features both Romantic and Gothic coursdwork. Elizabeth is able to work, go out on her own and have a baby without being married, all because of those who died in the war. That is my question, was wondering if anyone else who had read it had any birdson To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Both Owen and Faulks relate to nature.


This allows the novel to begin with a calm and peaceful tone, which is then a direct contrast to the descriptions of war. With only men serving and living in the trenches for months, if not years, on end, Faulks suggests homosociality in the trenches, and even hints at the possibility of homo-eroticism between the men.

birdsong coursework questions

The ramblings of a coffee drinking, church loving, filmmaking, car building, drum playing, picture taking intern. Here the use of military and business language show commodities that foreshadow war. By continuing to use this quesstions, you agree to their use. The soldiers believed that their sacrifice was to be for the benefit of the world akin to Jesus.

A tradition in England which dates back many centuries is to ring a bell when a person was dying.

He wanted people to recognise themselves, their friends, their sons and husbands in the characters on stage. His thin body was rigid and they could see the contortions of his facial muscles beneath courrsework skin.


All three texts discuss the conflict between innocence and experience. Through this he showed a true understanding of human psychology and of the war itself.

The cross also is used to symbolise a loss of faith in a cousrework that has to question the indifference that is felt by the universe for the suffering of humanity: Furthermore, the Romanticism is also shown when describing the river which runs through Amiens: Context This is the weakest part of your essay.

birdsong coursework questions

It is therefore evident that the First World War literature remains the most enduring literary legacy because of its impact on humanity. The language used to describe the place is pastoral and depicts a place of pre-industrialization: How do you choose books?


The novel is constructed in a certain way for a purpose. Share this so Jack will love you forever and ever: Throughout literature the tunnels are commonly used to move characters from one state of being to another and none often emerge unchanged. We learn that change is only truly negative if we do not understand or learn from what we have lost or gained during the process. Birdsong is very much a meta-textual book; there is conflict within conflict, as the opposing armies are held back by birdaong among its groups and each soldier must overcome personal struggles of manhood.

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Trenches are an important part of the First World War as this is included in many literary texts and poems. The semantic field of butchery makes the reader see that the soldiers were treated like animals, simply dying for a higher purpose.

Thus, through the reactions of soldiers in the trenches, and how it connotes questioms crises of masculinity, Faulks is able to highlight to the audience the crisis of masculinity within his novel Birdsong.

In his second part of the poem he begins with another question as he has previously answered the latter: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here