On a first analysis, the character of Lobo seems to have reached the most practical level of enlightenment. What does Lobo ultimately want for his people? Lil Toon makes sense of this hidden message as he describes his last conversation with Lobo. Toro becomes a distinct figure on the outside, and feels proud of misleading the police and society while keeping intact a more mature version of his beliefs about the world. He joins the Marines as an escape, but ultimately as an opportunity to acquire nobility. Rarely are people exposed to this viewpoint without it being stereotyped and portrayed one-sidedly so it becomes a misunderstood mystery to many. Bac Sierra moves from lyrical beauty to savage brutality with all the grace of the symbolic matador who haunts his gripping novel of criminal life in a California barrio.

However, Toro is able to challenge his moniker by using the strategy of love, which helps him reach his vato loco intellectual identity. I was, sometimes, inside one of the characters, I was one of them. To try to comprehend why they acted the way they did, and trying somehow to relate to their feelings and emotions. How is Lobo rebelling against guilt? This book reminds me to give back to the very neighborhood that made me who I am today.

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Throughout Barrio BushidoToro, a central character, inadvertently evolves out of the mythological persona that is his moniker, exhibiting his progression through his actions and thoughts, this ideological identity of a bull shifts throughout his evolution, over powered with a new anima.

By joining the Marine Corps, Toro manages to put in practice what Duster had taught him earlier in the novel — that playing dumb is bwrrio best way to deal with authority figures that, like main society, look down on his lifestyle.

His macho exit plan was thoughtfully forged to look like a courageous attitude in order to mask its true meanings: Representing the neighborhood and reliving stories of robberies, drug deals, and even sexual feats gave them the status of Veteranos.


barrio bushido essay

Even though, is seems like an inexcusable act, Santo finds it within himself to forgive Maricela regardless of her disloyalty. At the cheese line, he points out what no one sees — that the American Dream is just another type of panem et circenses, spreaded out for the fake sense of wellness among a very impoverished population.

A man who might want to kill me, would know how, and could conceivably find a legal and literarily significant way to do it. At the end of the chapter, what does Lobo want to believe?

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Lobo believes in being himself, but a large part of his life purpose if to have other people fear esssay admire his bold individuality. Ben Bac Sierra sears the pavement with his bleeding-edge account of the barrio and its three most vital inhabitants: Why use the magical or impossible to represent the real? And during the contortion and the twisting they messed up, more than a few times. Analyzing Santo is attractive to me since I am interested in saints and religion, but moreover because he is my favorite character in this book.

Lobo sends Santo off to remedy the illness by himself, bringing Lil Toon to witness it. His macho exit plan was thoughtfully forged to look like a courageous attitude in order to mask its true meanings: Lil Toon makes sense of this hidden message as he describes his last conversation with Lobo. Bac Sierra illustrates the rebellious and often sabotaging culture of the vida loca and the action and violence that shapes all their experiences.

This illness is all in his head, and he struggles to make meaning of it throughout Chan 6 story. Notify me of new comments brrio email. The misspelling is common for the time period during which the story takes place. Bac Sierra uses a generous narrative voice and surreal absurdities to illuminate harsh realities, creating a world that straddles the line between myth and actuality.


What is the purpose of the characters telling these types of violent stories?

barrio bushido essay

But you know what? How did he act?

I like barrio the book focussed on friendship, duty, honor, love, raw emotion and life. Amor for Alex Nieto: As a marine, he continues to be the same varrio homeboy, and does not let the system brainwash him into becoming someone else. Why so much violence in almost every.

A young man with nothing to lose but his life navigates his way to redemption from his every action. He returns to finish out his tour of duty and he discovers something about himself.

Barrio Esssay presents an overwhelming variety of human feelings and conditions that do are not restricted to the calle of the varrio.

His battle against the illusion of beauty can be seen as the consolidation of his upbringing. Arisen from human pain, Santo is indeed an anguished man and a sinful saint at the same time.

At this moment, Santo sounds like he has lost his mind when he speaks to himself in the third person. However, upon seeing Lobo with a gun, Santo makes an indirect request for Lobo to relieve him of this illness.