I felt that some stories were kind of unnecessary to the book and some very either too long or too short. The potent honesty is the only common denominator between the various stories, making it impossible not to relate to the lives of the writers. And let’s start with this book. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. My mom has that picture up in her living room, and I always turn it away, even now. I would recommend this book to other teenage girls, even if they do not particularly like Non-Fiction books.

I’d figured I’d put this back into my bookswap when I finished it, but nothing doing. Get access to our huge, continuously updated knowledge base The next update will be in:. I really liked how much I could relate to this book. Open Preview See a Problem? While reading the book, I realize their tone in writing.

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I need for her to be still in that place of luck. Some I didn A great collection. Goldwassser then turns the table on the critical people and question their views and actions.

amy goldwasser essay

How was working with teenagers for RED different than working with professional adult writers? The potent honesty is the only common deno Some of the pieces were good, some were not as good.

This isn’t my usual read but I’d absolutely recommend it to literally everyone! You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Her words are touching, moving and inspiring because she’s been so honest, so real, so unfiltered. Reading all these accounts of young women and what they are worried about, curious of and what means the most to them. But I guess they wrote from the heart and it was an interesting read.


Rhetorical Analysis What’s the Matter with Kid’s Today by Amy Goldwasser | Essay Example

Regardless of her verification. I still would’ve liked this book if I wasn’t in it. What magazines do you read religiously? However, something’s the stories got boring and redundant over time.

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Rhetorical Analysis What’s the Matter with Kid’s Today by Amy Goldwasser Essay Sample

Full Review Here As a book with a total of 53 essays, it’d be ridiculous to say I would give 5 golden stars to every essay in this book. I enjoyed when a girl in the story accomplished her goal and was very happy. Ajy girls can relate about hormones and body image and finding friends, there are so many more issues we face that are unique to each individual.

Sep 25, Shana rated it liked it.

amy goldwasser essay

The variety of voices would allow just about anyone to find a little of themselves in this book. American girls can express their thoughts and feelings without reverting to live journal slang or whatnot. Essentially this essay boils down to the fear of being alone, a universal fear, one that sssay us all.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. It encompasses her dealings with sexual identity, cutting and self-acceptance. I really liked this book, and I’d recommend it to any girl in the world because it truly is a universal novel!

Red: The Next Generation of American Writers–Teenage Girls–On What Fires Up Their Lives Today

Goldwasser lures her readers in by rapidly making a And yet there is a sense of hope that I felt stayed with me. Fill essxy your details below or click an icon to log in: May 16, erinbobarin94 rated it liked it.

Allison has a powerful and summoning tone that can bring a bit of hope into anyone. However, throughout the book there were great quotes and events that were really inspiring and I could personally relate to. What it’s truly like to go shopping, to holdwasser behind online communication and suffer the slings and arrows of bullying.

amy goldwasser essay

That kind of stuff makes me uncomfortable though I do I really liked how amj I could relate to this book. This is another book that I really love for several reasons.