Specifically, then, AERC intends to:. CPP aims to increase output of professionals conversant with — and specialists in — African issues, leading to the possible emergence of various theories and African solutions to these problems. Your information is safe and will never be shared. Your email address will not be published. Eligibility Candidates should be from: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The fourth and final year of the Collaborative PhD Programme is devoted to final thesis write-up and defense at the degree-awarding university, in accordance with established respective degree-awarding universities rules and procedures.

It is also presented and defended at the workshop with researchers. It is after this that research grants can be awarded. The participating universities are categorized into two groups: Email required Address never made public. A total of 8 universities in 6 countries are participating in the CPP. After the comprehensive examinations, students work with supervisors in their degree-awarding universities to determine their areas of specialization, select dissertation topics and prepare their thesis proposals.

Students then return to their respective host degree-awarding universities at the end of the JFE to prepare for and take the comprehensive examinations — four awxrd papers per student in Microeconomics, Awsrd and two electives. Nature of the Program. The PhD fellowship application deadline is usually indicated every year on the announcement placed on the AERC website usually it is not later than July.

Second, that such management is more likely to happen where there is an active, well-informed group of locally based professional economists to conduct policy-relevant research.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here A total of 8 universities in 6 countries are participating in the CPP. Candidates should note that all admitting universities submit a list of all admitted candidates to AERC. Students select two fields of specializations from among the following approved eleven elective courses: Your theeis address will not be published.


aerc phd thesis award

Since the Fellowship was launched Students select two fields of specializations from among the following approved eleven elective courses:. The process, again, involves selected international experts and African scholars, who together with thesis supervisors act as resource persons, discussants and evaluators.

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Collaborative PhD Programme – AERC | African Economic Research Consortium

Another five started their coursework at the University of Ibadan in February. Students will demonstrate an understanding of social responsibility and will respect diversity in the school community and the larger society. This model does not explicitly include an obligatory one-year or less overseas attachment, but it permits such an arrangement aard an optional but mostly competitive basis, as well as postdoctoral attachments that can be organized through existing AERC modalities.

CPP Academic Activities 1. The PhD thesis research awards applications have two deadlines per year: It is after this that research awarc will be awarded. All classrooms will provide a student-centered, rigorous, relevant and innovative standards-based curriculum developed in a professional learning community. These are the additional universities that upon admitting students, send them to the regional host universities to take core courses and thereafter to a central facility-the Joint Facility for Electives JFE — to take elective courses, organize the supervision and production of student PhD theses and award the degrees to successful students.

Selected international and African experts, serving as discussants, resource persons and evaluators of the research proposals, assist in this process. Interested candidates should direct their applications for admission to the degree-awarding universities whose addresses and contact information are provided below.


Upon successfully completing core courses at the host-DAUs, all students gather at a common tehsis — the Joint Facility for Electives based in Nairobi, Kenya, for intensive teaching of elective courses by an internationally competitively sourced team of awagd for a period of 16 weeks July to October. Find your Dream Opportunity Abroad!

AERC PhD Thesis Research Awards for African students – World Scholarship Forum

We respect your privacy. January 31 for the June award and July31 for the December award. To apply and for more information visit here.

This process ends with a post-fieldwork workshop, another centralized facility to enable students to present preliminary analyses of their research.

APPLY: Africa Economic Research PhD Thesis Research Awards

In addition other self sponsered students or students sponsered by other donors have joined the program. It is after this that research grants can be awarded. The Collaborative PhD Programme is a four-year post-MA phr makes maximum use of international and African experts assembled periodically to interact with students in centralized locations through each of the last three academic years. For purposes of implementing the programme, the continent is thesid into four regions, Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, Anglophone West Africa and Francophone Africa.

aerc phd thesis award

In many respects the process is similar to that of the AERC Biannual Research Workshops, which involve peer review supported by resource persons. It is after this that research grants can be awarded.