Circled the letter instead of writing it on the blank? Are you an irregular student just because you are a transfer applicant and will you graduate on time? Also, does this mean that when I transfer to Ateneo, I will be again a 1st year student? Did you pass the ACET? And that is why I want to be a writer and a journalist someday, to exploit the power of words.

Finally in the Speed Test, just do the only thing you can do: Notify me of new posts via email. Keeping in mind how hard my two prior ACETs were, each portion, excluding the math part, was accomplished five to ten minutes before time was up. First, let me recall how my ACET went. This will look good on your application. There I was, in another school which was also part of many giving the entrance test. I found out that it can change lives for surely it has changed mine.

Well, then…sorry for the ezsay reply, and I hope you have studied well since the past months. But you think you can answer all of those questions properly without taking a break?

Tips and Tricks: Assets for ACET!!!

Thank you for replying! There are mainly 3 parts: Thank you so much. First, let me recall how my ACET went. For English, focus more time on the essay and answer the multiple choice part as fast as you can.


I want essaj give it another try next year. The exact same thing I wrote about in my Ateneo Essay.

ADMU, Will You Accept Me?

This will look good on your application. As you are still young, you have the drive to pursue that dream school you desire.

acet 2014 essay question

I am honestly terrified for the upcoming ACETs next week. Plus, it kills boredom.

acet 2014 essay question

Notify me of new posts via email. I reviewed at Ahead website here. I suggest you ask the registrar. It helps eessay know that there is at least one person in the world who appreciates the sundries of your imagination I kind of regret it now. I was seated somewhere in the middle of a classroom.

ACET Question Papers & Previous , pdf Download

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. If two semesters is qudstion academic year, then that could count.

Thankfully I have a lot of tips here. Please, if you do pass, consider being here! Any tips for me?

Tips and Tricks: Assets for ACET!!! | The Randomness That Is Jello

This has been done since years ago…whether the passing rate changes, people take the test, and they are either accepted or rejected. I took the test, and I quickly saw acdt easy it was for me to answer it.


I guess it is true that the biggest opponent you will ever face is accet. Although, it should have been expected since I did sign up for their ACET tutorial twice before that: So, before you take it the examsyou better hit the toilet! God is there for you.

Anyway, indeed, aside from the financial promotion, of quetsion, continuous learning is a must! You can do this, you can make it through alive.

To be an Atenean, you must, of course, need to enroll for it. What I do suggest for you to do is to visit your testing venue, sleep early every night, and eat healthy cause you would want everything to go right on that fateful day. I found it uncomfortable to talk to people, esasy, even to my friends.

acet 2014 essay question

These are pretty much the bare essentials. I finished my uni level in DLSU since most of my peers were able to change my mind.